08 September 2009

Review: Santa, Honey - Kate Angell ...

"Santa, Honey" contains three short stories and I enjoyed reading all of them. It's the perfect book to enjoy a cold winter night huddled under a warm blanket with some hot cocoa to drink.
Although I bought the book mainly because of Kate Angells story I think that all three stories are great.

"Ho, Humbug, Ho" - Kate Angell (new story)
When speeding baseball star Alex Boxer is forced to stay in Holiday and play Santa as part of his community service he couldn't be more unhappy. But soon he realizes that maybe spending time with local Holly McIntyre could be the best christmas present he ever had.
This is another great story by Kate Angell and it's no wonder that I love her Rogues.

"Naughty or Nice" - Sandra Hill (reprint from 1996)
For Jessica Jones Christmas is all about how to avoid her "Christmas Curse". Dressing as Santa and holding up a store may be a bad idea but meeting hunky bodyguard Lucas Carter may be the end of her bad luck.
This is a funny and heart- warming story and I enjoyed reading it a lot.

"Christmas Unplugged" - Joy Nash (new story)
When sisters Emma and Casey decide to spend a weekend at a lodge they have no idea that this trip will change their lifes. Because after meeting brothers Matt and Jake and getting snowed in at their lodge things develop quickly and when it's time to leave both are no longer single.
This is a great story and I especially enjoyed reading about workaholic Casey and sexy Matt.

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