14 September 2009

Review: He's no prince charming - LuAnn McLane

"He's no prince charming" by LuAnn McLane is another hit. It's fun, sexy, full of great characters and just very enjoyable.
Dakota Dunn, former pop princess, is in need of an image remake in order to keep her career alive. So she returns to a marina in Tennessee which she owns and which holds many good childhood memories. There she meets Trace Coleman, a former bull-riding champion who know works for Dakota. The marina is all Trace has after he was badly hurt while bull-riding and he is not really happy to see Dakota because he doesn't want anything to change.
But Dakota is there to stay and work on her career, meaning become more of a country singer. Trace and Dakota are attracted right from the start but both are unsure what to do about it and especially Trace is not ready to get in a relationship.
When Dakota meets Sierra and Grady, two other people who work for her, things get even more interesting and along the journy Dakota not only finds a brooding man to hold one but also great friends and a new career.

LuAnn McLane has become one of my favourite authors and books like "He's no prince charming" are the reason for it.
Dakota and Trace are just great, they had it all (fame, money and so on) but now must build a new life. I love how they both work hard on taking their new chances and the scenes between them are just so good, sexy as hell and funny.
Trace is sort of a wounded hero who needs to learn anew to have fun and let go of all the brooding (I just love these kind of heroes).
Dakota and Sierra help each other a lot and I'm a sucker not only for romaces but also for friendships so I enjoyed reading about them tremendously. Seeing Sierra bloom under Dakotas influence and finally convincing Grady that she is definitely not one of the boys is another highlight of the book. I also love how Dakota learns from Sierra how to be more of a country girl and starts to enjoy life and her work once again.
Hope you'll enjoy "He's no prince charming" just as much as I did and by the way the cover (oh la la) fits the book just perfectly.

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