05 September 2009

Review: The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir - Kathie DeNosky

Billionaire lawyer Jake Garnier never planned to be a father. After growing up without his playboy father he swore to stay single and just enjoy life. But when he becomes the new owner of Hickory Hill Thoroughbred farm he realizes that he already is a dad.
Heather McGwire, ranch manager of his new farm, is the woman he spent one night with months ago and could just not forget. She is also the mother of his adorable daughter which comes as a shock and big suprise for Jack.
Soon Jack is quiet happy to be father of darling Mandy even though he is not ready to take the next step with Heather (no love and marriage for him!). When Heather decides to leave the farm because she loves him and wants more of their relationship than he is willing to give , Jack finally realizes that it's time to stop being afraid of love and commitment.

"The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir" by Kathie DeNosky is a great book and an awesome way to finish the Illegitimate Heirs- series. Heather and Jack are both great characters and together they make a terrific pair. Heather is strong and capable and Jack has just the right mix of arrogance billionaire and loving dad.

It's also nice to meet all the other illegitimate heirs and their families again. Especially the head of the family, grandmother Emerald, is once again in top form and the reason why Jack found Heather again. Emerald is a bit of a female Daniel MacGregor (one of Nora Roberts greatest characters) and I enjoyed reading about her and Luther a lot, especially because there is a nice little suprise from both of them at the end of the book.

So all in all this book is just great and I can't wait to read more by Kathie DeNosky.

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