15 September 2009

Review: Arousing Suspicions - Marianne Stillings

"Arousing Suspicions" was my first book by Marianne Stillings and the reason why I bought her other five as well, so I think it definitely deserves a praising review.

Tabitha March is a self-proclaimed psychic dream interpreter. When she sees too much (aka the truth) in a cheating clients dreams he uses his influence to get the police to investigate her. Nate Darling is the cop ordered to look at her and her practice undercover. He's sceptical and not ready to believe in her abilities. But when Tabitha starts to see the murder of a woman through a disturbed clients dreams Nate has to start taking Tabitha more serious.
Soon they are in a personal relationship but because Nate's still more than sceptical of her psychic talents there seems to be no chance for them.
When the murdering continues and Tabitha is attacked Nate just can't stay away and begins to realize that the woman he loves really has some special talents and that there also may be more to the case than it seems.

I enjoyed reading "Arousing Suspicions" a lot. It's funny, intense and just the perfect book to forget everyday life.
Tabitha is a strong heroine and she is used to people being sceptical about her. She's also a very caring and honest person. Her clients and their problems are important to her and she's not working as a dream interpreter for the money. Nate on the other hand is sceptical about her from the first moment. He's a down to earth guy who does only believe in what he sees. There are some intense sparks between then from the first moment but Nate has to accept (believing may take some more time) that Tabitha is really special before they have a chance. I enjoyed that he needs time to accept something he always rejected before. I also loved how he tries to get back a close connection to his brother and sister from whom he was separated when their parents divorced.
Overall what I enjoyed most about "Arousing Suspicions" is that nothing is rushed. Characters have time to change and there are no forced happy ends (but don't worry, of course there are happy ends).
Don't miss the other two books in the series, "Satisfaction" and "Killer Charms" who concentrate on Nate's brother and sister.

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