29 August 2009

Review: Show no Fear - Marliss Melton

Lucy Donavan, an exceptional CIA agent, barely survived her last mission and is still battling with the trauma she was put through but months later she is already eager to get some action again. But this time she is not alone but has to play wife to Navy SEAL Gus Atwater on a mission to rescue two American hostages held by the FARC in the Columbian jungle.
Gus is the SEAL that rescued Lucy months before and he is also the man whom Lucy was in love in college. Years ago she broke up with him after something shocking happened to her but it's clear that there is still unsolved business between them. To survive their mission they have to work together and especially have to trust in each other once more. Deep in FARC territory they soon get closer again but to really have a future they first of all have to survive the cruelty dealt to them by the terrorists.

"Show no Fear" by Marliss Melton is a great book which I enjoyed reading a lot. I'm very sensitive about books that use extensive torture, rape scenes every few pages and I'm very happy that Marliss Melton doesn't write that way. She never crosses the line about what is too much for the heroine and hero to deal with. Normally I'm reading only straight romances but for Marliss Melton I'm making an exception because I just enjoy her books a lot.
Lucy is a great heroine that realizes after years of self-doubt that life is worth living and that there is no need to feel guilty about being a survivor. Gus is there for her from the first moment they meet again and I loved reading how they got together again. Gus is the kind of hero you have to love. He's a strong man with deep feelings who will do everything for the woman he loves.
I also enjoyed meeting the rest of Gus's SEAL team again and can't wait to read the next book by Marliss Melton.

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