15 August 2009

The good luck girl / Leaving Unknown - Kerry Reichs

The good luck girl (UK title) / Leaving Unknown (US title) by Kerry Reichspublished August 2009 (UK) / March 2010 (US)
copy bought with my own money

Maeve Conelly (Vi's sister from "The best day of someone else's life") is ready to change her life. Ever since she survived leukemia she has been struggling to create a life that makes her happy and satisfied. She is jumping from job to job after getting her college degree in seven long years and is always in money trouble. To get back her good luck and give her life a new direction she decides to go on a road trip from Charlotte to LA. On this journey she also hopes to find some of her old strength and a new perspective for her future.
After finding work in a bookshop and her love for photography plus a possible love interest in her sexy boss Maeve could be happy. But she still feels that to really move forward she has to finish her roadtrip and not stop before making it to LA even though her heart belongs to Unknown.
After travelling for some time her old car breaks down in a small city called Unknown, Arizona. There she soon finds great friends who are like a second family to her. There she also begins to realize that the leukemia didn't make her weak but stronger.

Since reading "The best day of someone else's life" I have been a big fan of Kerry Reichs and after reading "The good luck girl" I'm an even bigger one. 

Maeve is a fascinating heroine with many quirks regarding her health others don't understand but which make her adorable when you know her history. She is fighting to start over her life and finally be able to trust into herself and her body again. I find her journey inspiring because it shows that if you want change in your life you can get it through your own actions. 

I love every part of Maeve's roadtrip it and couldn't be happier how the books ends. The places she goes on her trip and the people she meets are all contributing to Maeve getting back her life and strength so I enjoyed reading about all her stations a lot. 

The scenes in which Maeve remembers her illness and therapy are heartbreaking (I had to cry a few times) but also show how strong she really is.
Unknown is a very special place and it's residents Tuesday, Ruby and Noah (plus many more) are just as extraordinary as Maeve. They give Maeve the friendship and love she needs to finally heal and stop believing in her bad luck. 

I hope you will read "The good luck girl" and remember that it's never too late to start over!

different covers/titles
I have no idea why publishers decided to change the title of the book. I prefer the UK cover and title because both fit the book just perfectly. 


  1. Great review!! I can't wait to get The Best Day of Someone Else's Life! I am hooked on this author now.

  2. Me, too.
    I read "The best day of someone else's life" first and also enjoyed it. But "Leaving Unknown"/ "The Good Luck Girl" is my favourite because it's so special.

  3. I haven't read this author before, but I have Leaving Unknown on my wishlist. It looks so good. I didn't realize there was a book before it so I will have to check out The Best Day of Someone Else's Life as well.

  4. I haven't read anything by this author before but it does sound like something I would enjoy.

    I really, really like the UK cover - it is so pretty!




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