15 August 2009

Review: Easy on the eyes - Jane Porter

"Easy on the eyes" by Jane Porter is a wonderful book about trusting in yourself and going your own way.

Tiana Tomlinson, a famous and beautiful TV anchor of America Tonight in her thirties, seems to have the perfect life. But when her bosses tell her that she is too old to get high ratings her life is about to change dramatically. She is shocked to realize that there are already plans for a younger woman to take her place and that the only thing she could do to change it is having a face lift.
Her whole life is in chaos and she is fighting to not feel inadequate, old and lacking. Especially because her work has helped her to overcome her beloved husbands death years ago Tiana is scared to death to loose her job and part of her identity.
But soon she decides that it's time to gain back control over her life. Tiana is no longer willing to sell herself short and makes plans to change her life in a way that will make her happier and more satisfied. She also decides against a face lift because she likes her face just the way it is and doesn't want to join the race for eternal youth.
Even against vehement resistance she changes from only talking about stars and their scandals to more serious themes. Besides her friends Marta, Shey and Christie it's suprisingly Hollywoods favourite beauty surgeon Michael O'Sullivan who joins her on this journey, helps her to achieve a project dear to her and who is there for support in her darkest hour.

What I love most about "Easy on the eyes" is that Tiana becomes such a strong woman who decides to go her own way and doesn't comply to the pressure to stay young forever. It's so beautiful to read how she starts loving herself and her looks again and how she gains so much power by doing so. Especially because so many woman struggle to feel worthy and to love themselves it's great to see (and also really inspiring) how Tiana manages it.
Michael is another fantastic character and the perfect match for Tiana. The way their relationship changes from being mere acquaintances to life partners is wonderful. I also loved reading more about Marta (from "Odd mom out" - another great book) and about Shey who goes through some painful changes in her life (her book will be out in 2010). Every girl deserves such terrific and honest friends.
Jane Porter has become one of my favourite authors because of the way she combines romance with more serious issues (feeling unworthy, lack of self-confidence and running after the perfect youthful look) that so many woman suffer from. She has the ability to create heroines who's stories are always beautiful, a lot of fun and also inspiring.
So, if you are a romance reader who loves strong heroines and are in the mood to be inspired you should definitely get "Easy on the eyes."

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