01 July 2009

Review: Black Hills - Nora Roberts

"Black Hills" by Nora Roberts is a fantastic book which should be enjoyed in a comfy seat with lots of time to read because there is so much to take in.
Dr. Lilian Chance is living her dream. She built up the Chance Wildlife Refuge in the Black Hills where she cares for animals. She lives a satisfying and happy life but could never forget her first (and only) love Cooper Sullivan. They met as children on her parents farm in the Black Hills, fell in love as teenagers and broke up some time later. While he ended up in New York as a cop Lil never left her home.
Even today, 12 years later, Lil is still in love with Cooper. When he comes back to the Black Hills to stay he wants another chance with Lil. He's still in love with her and when someone starts making trouble for Lil and her Refuge he is there to help. Soon they find out that there is a serial killer on the loose who likes to hunt his prey and who plans to make Lil his next victim. Cooper is there to make sure that Lil stays safe and to win her back.
But in the end it's up to Lil to decide if she can trust Cooper again and to outwit the killer.

I love everything about "Black Hills". The characters are great and the scenery (Black Hills plus the wildlife) is so lively described that sometimes I felt like I was actually there.
Lil is an awesome heroine. She is a strong and caring woman who has been fascinated by the wildlife since she was nine. She is very sure about her goals in life and works hard to achieve them.
She loved Cooper practically from their first meeting and never thought that they could break up. Cooper also never stopped loving Lil but growning up with cold and uncaring parents made him uncertain about himself. He needed more time than Lil to build up his life and to become the person he wanted and needed to be. He never intended to break her heart, he honestly thought that ending their relationship was the best for Lil and him.
I enjoyed reading about their relationship as children, teens and adults a lot. Especially because the changes in their relationship aren't rushed and I can understand Lil's fear to be hurt again but I also love how Cooper stays steady in pursuing her and is solid as a rock but also very sexy.

Furthermore the book contains a really sweet second lovestory, all the characters are great and very likable (ok, all besides the creapy and crazy serial killer) and the end is breathtaking. So all in all "Black Hills" is an outstanding book that you shouldn't miss.

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