04 June 2009

Review: Sweet Persuasion - Maya Banks

"Sweet Persuasion" by Maya Banks is a great book that makes me definitely crave for more.
Serena's job is making the fantasies of her clients come true. But it's time to fulfill a fantasy of her own. For years she has dreamed of being under control of a dominant man, of being a slave to a master who pampers her, protects her and complies her needs and wishes.
Serena's good friend Faith (from "Sweet Surrender" - a must read) knows just the right person. Damon Roche, a rich business man and owner of "The House" a club where sexual wishes are fulfilled, is no novice when it comes to dominance.
Damon is more than willing to help out Serena but only if he will be the man to own her. What starts as a month of fulfilling a fantasy soon turns in a promise of a future together. But Serena is afraid if she really is the one that can give Damon what he craves for - a lifetime together filled with love, respect and dominance/submission.

I absolutly love this book. It's hot, Damon and Serena are a great pair and learning more about Faith, Gray, Micah, Nathan and Julie was just great (all from "Sweet Surrender").
The dominance/submission part of the book is extreme but also very alluring and in parts even sweet and innocent.
I can recommend this book to all fans of spicy romances who aren't afraid of some kink (all consensual of course).
Next up in the series are "Sweet Seduction" (October 2009, with Julie and Nathan) and "Sweet Temptation" (April 2010, with Micah). I honestly can't wait to read these especially after I learned so much more about Julie in this book. Nathan better gets prepared to handle whatever Julie is planning.

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