21 June 2009

Review: Ruthlessly bedded, forcibly wedded - Abby Green

When Allegra, the younger sister of billionaire Vicenzo Valentini, is killed in a tragic car accident, he's out for revenge. Cormac Bosnan, the one responsible for killing his sister and trying to get her money is already dead, so Vicenzo decides to take his revenge against Cormac's sister. He believes that Cara Brosnan was a willing partner in her brothers cruel scheme to get Allegras money. So he seduces her and after confronting her with his real identity leaves her crushed the next morning.
Cara Brosnan couldn't be more innocent (in every way), she hated living with her cruel brother and did her best to go out of his way. After spending the night with Vicenzo she is shocked to find out that his sole reason for approaching her was revenge. And when she realizes that she is pregnant she just doesn't know how to go on.

As Vincenzo finds out that Cara is pregnant he forces her to marry him. But what begins as a forced marriage soon changes when Vincenzo realizes that Cara is not the ruthless person he thought her to be and that maybe he is the one who has to make amends for his own cruel behaviour if he wants their marriage to have a chance.

"Ruthlessly bedded, forcibly wedded" is a great book. I just love the way Abby Green tells her stories. Vincenzo and Cara are a great pair and because the whole revenge scheme is not over the top I truly enjoyed reading about their relationship. You get funny, sad, steamy and lovely scenes and all in all I just had a great time reading this book. So if you are a fan of romances I can genuinely recommend this book to you.

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