27 June 2009

Review: Love at first flight - Marie Force

Juliana and Michael, both in long-distance relationships, meet the first time when they are waiting for the same plane. Right from the start they have a certain connection and can talk about nearly everything.
Flying home some days later they share a plane again and both realize that nothing is like it was. Michael broke up with his fiancee and Juliana is on a three month break from her boyfriend Jeremy because he isn't sure if she really is the one he wants to spend his life with. Once again Michael and Juliana feel a special connection and when back home he helps her out because her car died they become friends and later even roommates.
What begins as a friendship soon turns into a serious relationship. For Michael it's clear that Juliana is the one woman he wants to spend his life with. But Juliana still feels loyal to Jeremy who supported her over the years with handling her alcoholic mother and who gave her love and stability, two things she never had before meeting him.
In the end it's up to Juliana to choose the man she wants to spend her future with and decide what's really important in her life.

"Love at first flight" is an awesome book. Right from the start I enjoyed reading about Michael and Juliana. It's interesting to see them first in relationships with others and then together as a pair. The differences between these realtionships are really absorbing and show that love doesn't come in one only form. Michael is a great guy who knows what he wants and Juliana is a very loyal person who feels that the ten years she spend with Jeremy are too important to let go, especially because he is the only man (besides Michael) she was ever with. Juliana's conflict is very believable even though once or twice during the book I wanted to give her a good shake so that she comes to her senses about what really counts (and who's the right guy for her) but mercifully she manages to do this on her own at the end.

So all in all "Love at first flight" by Marie Force is a great book that you shouldn't miss.

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  1. Thanks, Sabrina!! Great to meet you today! And, I meant to tell you earlier, that I LOVE the JD Robb books. I've read every one of them.




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