21 June 2009

Review: Girl from Mars - Julie Cohen

"Girl from Mars" by Julie Cohen was my first Little Black Dress book by her (she also writes for Harlequin/MillsandBoon) and I just loved it.
Philomena Desdemona Brown's (she goes by Fil) life couldn't be better, she has three great male friends (all single and a bit nerdy) that share her love for comics and ScFi and accept her exactly like she is (blue hair and all). Plus a job she loves as the artist who draws "Girl from Mars" the best female super hero out there.
But when one of her friends suddenly is in a steady relationship the dynamics of their friendship change irrevocable and Fil just doesn't know how to handle the new situation.
But not only her private life gets more complicated by the minute, because sale numbers are down Fil is forced to work with famous screenwriter/director Dan McKay (a real hottie). Dan has some new ideas how to spice up the love life of "Girl from Mars" but Fil is shocked by the new developments because she doesn't want anything to change in "her" comic.

Even though Dan and Fil come to an understanding regarding the comic things still stay complicated between them because they are attracted to each other but Fil is afraid of how a relationship with Dan would change her frienship with her platonic friends. Things get even more difficult when she falls in love with Dan, the father of one of her friends nearly dies and she realizes that her best friend may have deeper feelings for her.

"Girl from Mars" is a great book. Fil, her friends and Dan are great characters and I loved reading about Fil and Dan and how their relationship evolves. But I also enjoyed the platonic friendship between Fil and her male friends. I can absolutly understand why Fil is afraid of change and that's why I love that in the end she understands that change can be positive and beautiful and is finally ready for it.
I can sincerely recommend this awesome book about love and friendship to all fans of romances.

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