04 May 2009

Review: Hard and Fast - Erin McCarthy

"Hard and Fast" by Erin McCarthy is the second book in the Fast Track series and an absolute hit. It's funny, sexy and hot, sweet and overall just great to read. I liked Erin McCarthy's books before this series but now I really love her work.

The book is about Imogen Wilson, a sociology grad student and stock car driver Ty McCordle (they met each other for the first time in "Flat-out sexy").
On the first glance two people couldn't be more different but still they are fascinated by each other. Imogen likes how relaxed but still focused and sure of himself Ty is and Ty is fascinated by Imogen's need to understand why people behave the way they do and her honesty. When they get to know each other more closely and discover that together they can relax, have fun (their camping trip is hilarious) and talk about Skakespeare they are suprised but also delighted by it. But after turning their relationship in a serious one they have to realize that the differences can be hard to overcome especially when Ty reveals his biggest secret (but don't worry, there will be a happy ending for them).

"Hard and Fast" is a great book and Imogen and Ty are an awsome pair. The way they treat each other is really sweet and I loved reading about them. This book has everything a good romance needs and Erin McCarthy's way to write makes this a fantastic read.

Another terrific point is that you get to meet Tamara, Elec, Evan, Suzanne and Ryder from "Flat-out sexy" (you need to read that one before "Hard and Fast") again. That's just great because it's not like it is with many other authors where characters from previous books just seem to disappear and are neglected. It's nice to see that Erin McCarthy really cares about her characters from "Flat-out sexy" and gives the reader more of them. Elec and Tamara are still are great pair and Suzanne and Ryder are definitely not over there relationship even though they are divorced for nearly two years. And don't worry about the future because there will be at least one more book in the series (about Suzanne and Ryder, coming in 2010 - yipieh!!!).
So get yourself a copy of this great book by Erin McCarthy (one of my favourite books of the year) and enjoy reading it.

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