25 February 2009

Review: Flat-out sexy - Erin McCarthy

"Flat-out sexy" is one of the books that is heart-warming and also made me laugh out loud several times. It's the perfect combination of love, charm and wit and it's no wonder that  Erin McCarthy is one of my favourite authors. 

"Flat-out sexy" is about Tamara Briggs, a thirty-something widow who is ready to date again after her husband died in a tragic racing accident two years ago. Between her job and raising two children there is not much time for herself. When she meets sexy Elec Monroe at a party Tamara wants to forget all her obligations for one night and just enjoy life and feel like woman again.
After spending one sizzling night with Elec she is shocked to learn that not only is he a rookie race driver (no more race drivers for her) but also several years younger than she is. But Elec is not your normal 25 year old boy, he's a man who realizes that he just met a very special woman that makes him feel like he never felt before. So when he wants a second date Tamara is shocked and tries to end their relationship before it begins. But Elec is a man who goes after what he wants so Tamara is going to have a hard time saying no to this honest man who adores her and loves her children.

"Flat-out sexy" is just flat-out perfect. It's sweet, funny as hell (all I'm saying is "latex smell" - you're going to laugh out loud when reading this scene), very sexy, intense and all in all a great read that makes me excited for the next book in the series.
The main characters are fantastic, very likable and I really enjoyed reading about their relationship. Their chemistry is amazing and Elec is one of my favourite romance heros ever. He is a very mature and honest guy who made me smile whenver I read of him.

The secondary characters are also awsome. Suzanne, Tamara's best friend and Ryder, Suzanne's ex- husband (not so ex sometimes) are great and it's clear that they still have some unfinished business and deep feelings for each other. Two more great characters are Imogen, Tamaras teaching assistent and Ty, another driver. These two couldn't be more different but still feel some instant attraction for each other.
So all in all "Flat-out sexy" by Erin McCarthy is a brilliant romance that you shouldn't miss and don't forget to watch out for the second book in the series "Hard and Fast" coming in May 2009 and featuring Ty and Imogen.

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  1. I read Erin McCarthy's Houston We Have a Problem. It was sexy, and hilarious. Unless she didn't write it and I just plomb forgot.




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