26 January 2009

Review: Promises in Death - J.D. Robb

"Promises in Death", book 29 in the in death - series is one of the best so far. It's really intense, sad but also hilarious and just great.

The story begins with the murder of Detective Coltraine who was in a intimate relationship with Morris. Not only Eve but every other cop in New York is on the hunt for the killer who took the life of one of them. But especially Eve and her unit are doing everything to solve this case as fast as possible. When the victim is linked with Alex Ricker, son of Max Ricker, it seems clear that he has to the number one suspect in the murder. But Eve soon realizes that while Alex Ricker may be a criminal he is no murderer. On the contrary he is just another victim in a game of revenge and power. When a second person close to Alex Ricker is killed Eve discovers that the killer may be no Mr X but somebody she already knows and whom Detective Coltraine trusted.

"Promises in Death" is so far one of my favourites in the series. Some parts of the book are hard to read because they are so sad but they are still great because you see a new side of Eve. She is not only a brilliant cop but also manages to be a very good friend to Morris and I have to say that I love this side of her. Roarke and Eve rock as usual and I think that you can see that their relationship is getting better and better.
There are also two hilarious scenes in this book involving Eve. One is Eve and Roarke buying some underwear (I had to laugh out loud when reading this) and one is Eve and a bunch of naked, drunken woman who are no strangers to her. These two scenes show yet another side of Eve and make it clear that she appreciates her friendships and realizes that they are important to balance out what she goes through in her job.
You learn a lot about Morris in this book and thank god he is not leaving New York after this tragedy, so I hope to see more of him and maybe Alex Ricker in the future.
So all in all I think that "Promises in Death" is brilliant and a fantastic new addition to the series. Thanks Nora Roberts for this great book.

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