09 January 2009

Review: The girl most likely to - Susan Donovan

"The girl most likely to" by Susan Donovan is a great book which I read in one session because I just couldn't lay it out of my hands. It's a beautiful book about first loves and giving them a second chance.
Kat Cavanough is back in her hometown (after 20 years) to show people that she made it to someone and to tell her son's father that he became a dad 20 years ago.

At age 16 she was forced to leave home after her first (and only) love Riley broke up with her and she discovered that she was pregnant by him. Because of her abusive father and a weak mother Kat decided to pack up her stuff and leave her home. She got lucky and ended up with a adorable old lady that become her mother in the following years.
When Kat and her best friend Nola arrive in town and Kat confronts Riley with their past and their son, Aidan, she is shocked to realize that Riley already knows about his son and is furious about not getting to know him sooner.
Riley, who broke up with her the night she left, regretted it almost immidiately and came back to tell Kat only to discover that she already left. So 20 years later they both have to deal with a lot of past events and mistakes especially because they still fell a lot for each other and never forget the special relationship they had for four years all this time ago.
Now it's up to them if their love, that started when they were only 12 years old, has a second chance. But first they have to work on forgiving each other and they also have to deal with a stalking ex, Kat's dangerous father and a disappointed Aidan, who is upset with his mom for not getting to know his dad earlier.

I really enjoyed this book because of the special relationship between Kat and Riley (especially the flashbacks are so sweet), the great secondary characters and the storyline that stays exciting right until the end.
So I recommend this great book to all romance fans who believe that your first love with twelve can be the happily ever after kind.

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