04 November 2008

Review: Salvation in Death - J.D. Robb

"Salvation in Death" number 27 in the In Death - series is one of the best so far. There are two cases (one especially seizing), Eve and Roarke at their top and a lot of Peabody, McNabb and co. - so there's all a good "In Death"- book needs.

"Salvation in Death" starts with the murder (through poison) of a catholic priest during mass. The priest, a highly appraised member of the community, seems to have no enemies and besides the church no real family. He cared especially about the youths in his community and every member of the church looked up to him. But when the autopsy of his body brings some old scars and a covered tatoo to light, Eve starts to realize that the priest may have some dark secrets in his past. And when the tatoo points to a ruthless gang of youths that terrorized the people in the community years ago Eve is no longer convinced that the priest really was the one who he posed to be.
When another religious leader is killed in a similar way Eve and her team have to investigate if there is a serieal killer on the hunt or if this cases have nothing to do with each other.

Especially the first murder case is gripping and up until the end you don't really know the reasons for the murder. Case two is interesting as well and both show the reader that under the cover all can be different and that humans are experts in being pretenders. The combination of the church and Eve is really interesting and Eve is at her best although she is unsure about how to handle the catholic rituals and all that is going on in a church. But with her approach to respect people for what they do and not for what they are Eve handles the situation without too many complications.

In this In Death Eve really seems to get a better grip about how to handle her past and I felt really happy when reading this. Roarke and she are hot as always and Roarke has some funny moments for which I adore him even more. He is there for her when certain aspects of the case trouble her but she is also there for him when he has to fight with some bad memories of his past. They just are a perfect team and I can't wait to read more of them and how they try to handle themselves and the relationships with their friends (especially Louise's and Charle's upcoming wedding) .
All in all this is a "classic" In Death - book that enthrals the reader from the first moment right to the end.
So enjoy your copy of this fabulous book.

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  1. Sabrina, I'm just finishing up this book on audio. Having gone to Catholic schools from Kindergarten through High School, there was a lot of funny stuff in this book.




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