14 November 2008

Review: The Pagan Stone - Nora Roberts

"The Pagan Stone", book 3 in the "Sign of Seven" - trilogy by the sensational Nora Roberts is my personal highlight in the series, there could not have been a better way to finish what was started in "Blood Brothers" and continued in "The Hollow". The book is a really intense , sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy and an always thrilling read.

In "The Pagan Stone" the six friends (Cal, Fox, Gage, Quinn, Layla and Cybil) are preparing for the finale fight to destroy the evil that Gage, Cal and Fox set free unintentionally 21 years ago. For both sides, the good and the evil, it's a now or never situation and the six know that if they don't succeed this time there will be no next chance. But there is hope because for the first time the three men are completed by three very special ladys that share their psychic abilities and are their partners in every way.
Gage and Cybil are the ones the book concetrates on (but it's not a book about them, the other four of the team (family) are not only the supporting crew which is great).
Gage a gambler and a loner most of the times and the outspoken, intelligent Cybil clash from the first moment they meet. From not liking each other they develope mutual respect and end up in an intimate relationship.

They both are wondering about where their relationship is going to lead to especially because Cal & Quinn and Fox & Layla fell in love which each other.
The one point Gage and Cybil agree is that they don't want a serious relationship. Especially Gage is terrified at the thought of loving another person besides his two blood brothers and their families. He learned the hard way that there is not always a happy end. When his mother and unborn sister died (he was just a boy) and his father turned to alcohol and started to make his life a living hell he stoped believing in fairy tales and love.
But the complications in their personal life have to stand back when it comes to fighting the demon who is more viscious than ever and especially hates Gage and Cybil. When Cybil is brutalized by the demon in a very evil way she and Gage have to fight hard to continue their way and not give too many thoughts to hate and revenge.
By the time their relationship turns from "you" and "me" to "we" and the three pairs get some thrilling news tragedy strikes again and one of the team has to be willing to sacrifice himself to finally destroy the demon and save the life of the rest of his family.

"The Pagan Stone" is all I hoped for and more. I couldn't wait to finish it, it's that good. There are funny moments, lovly and some sad ones (yes I had to cry some) and all these combined makes this book just perfect.
So please get yourself a copy and enjoy this fabulous end of the "Sign of Seven" - trilogy.

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  1. I'm reading this now! Actually, I'm reading this because it fits in my purse and Salvaction in Death before bed. I don't often simultaneously read so I'll probably finish one and then go back to the other. Then, I'll read Suite 606. Get my NR/JDR fill for the year. I'm thinking of heading out to her husband's bookstore again next year. See how the inn's progress is doing. My co-worker lives out there and gives me the local paper whenever it mentions Nora Roberts. I have an issue at work I haven't read yet.

    ~ april from the SEPBB




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