10 November 2008

Review: Mischief becomes her - Kasey Michaels

"Mischief becomes her" is book 2 in the Sunshine girls series by the great Kasey Michaels.
This book continues where book 1 ended (so yes, you should read "Dial M for Mischief" definitley befor starting this one), Jolie and Sam are back together and the Sunshine girls are still fighting to clear their fathers (Teddy) name. 3 more cold cases are left to solve and the girls are hoping to find the murderer of their father by doing it.

Book 2 concetrates on Jessica Sunshine and Matt Denby, who started fighting which each other right from the first moment they met each other. Jessica, a hot shot reporter, is willing to use every way to clear her dead fathers name. Matt, a homicide detective, is one of the few (outside the family) who believes that there is more to the story of Teddys apparent suicide and is willing to help the Sunshine family in his free time to solve the mystery. But he is not ok with the ways Jessica is going to solve the cases (posing like a prostitute, giving out private numbers over TV) and because they are attracted by each other (clearly against their wills) it's an ongoing fight between these two about who's right and who's having the upper hand.
The cases they are working on are really gripping and during the investigation they discover that the cases are associated with each other and that there are many dead ends they have to deal with. But at least they are able to solve the "Fishstrangler case".

Matt and Jessica are a great pair, they complete each other and although Matt is unsure if they have a future together because he is 11 years older and his first marriage ended in tragedy they don't give up when they realize that they have a chance for a happy end.
I can really recommend this book to all romance fans, it's funny, it's intense and the love stories are great. "Mischief becomes her" is a great second book in the Sunshine girls series and definitly makes me crave for "Mieschief 24/7" (with Jade and Court in the focus) which is published in April 2009.
So go and get yourself a copy and enjoy.


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