27 November 2008

Review: Bedtime for Bonsai - Elaine Fox

"Bedtime for Bonsai" by the great Elaine Fox is one of my personal must reads this year.
I started reading her books at the beginning of the year and loved all of them. If you are new to books by Elaine Fox I would recommend to read "Guys & Dogs" and "Beware of Doug" before reading this one.

"Bedtime for Bonsai" is about Penelope Carter, her new cute little dog Mr.Darcy (aka Bonsai) and a new citizen of town, Dylan Mersey. Dylan, an ex-con, opens a pottery across the street from Pen's store. He is selling his and his mothers pottery and just hopes for a chance to start fresh and to live his life the way he wants to.
He is a laid back, casual kind of guy who's enjoying a very simple life. Penelope in contrast is always perfectly made up, very organized and loves to entertain and visit the opera.
At the beginning of the book Penelope is thinking about going back to her cheating ex-husband Glenn (OMG, nooooo) because she longs for a family and especially children and thinks that Glenn is worth a second chance (absolutly not).
But after meeting Dylan they both feel a strong attraction for each other and even though Pen is told that Dylan was in prison and Dylan feels that Pen is just too perfect for him they still develop feelings for one another.
They even spend a beautiful night with each other but Dylan's past threatens to destroy their relationship. Because when Dylan is contacted by an old "friend" and forced to help him with some shady deal he decides to break up with Pen to make sure that she stays safe. He also feels that they are too different to make a relationship work.

But when Pen finds some stolen jewelery and the bad guys are at Dylan's to get them back it turns out that not everything is the way it seems. For the first time Pen gets a clear glimpse at Dylan's past and that leaves her feeling very uncertain, because she finally understands how different his life is compared to hers. She also begins to realize that maybe she is the one that has to move on from being a pampered and protected woman to one who can stand up for herself and her man.

To make it short I really love this book. Penelope and Dylan are a great pair, like all heroines and heros that Elaine Fox creates they are real persons with flaws and that really makes them likeable. The way their relationship develops is really sweet and shows that not only your past matters but also how you act in the present. The rest of the characters are also great, you met Megan & Sutter and Lily & Brady again and it's so nice to see how their relationships develop. One of the biggest suprises and delights of the books is Georgia who finally finds a guy worthy of her. And of course I like the dog of the book, Mr.Darcy (who only reacts to Bonsai). He is a real cutie that does his best to make sure that Dylan and Pen stay in contact.
If you are looking for a funny and sweet romance with characters that have flaws just like you and me you will love this book.
So get yourself a copy and enjoy.

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