23 October 2008

Review: Too far gone - Marliss Melton

Marliss Melton produced another hit with her latest book in the Navy Seal- series, which is one of my favourite series. 
"Too far gone" is about Ellie Stuart and Sean Harlan (both were introduced in "Don't let go", the last Seal book). Ellie and her three boys are renting a house from Sean and Ellie is doing her best to handle going to school, earning money and being a wonderful mother (and father) to her three kids. Although she is attracted to Sean she is not interested in trusting another man (her ex cheated on her and left her with her kids) and starting a new relationship. Sean is feeling a lot of attraction for Ellie too but is fighting against it because he doesn't feel that he is ready to be part of her family. 
But when the unthinkable happens they have to stand together to survive. After Ellie's three sons are kidnapped right in front of her Sean is doing his best to get them back. But soon they realize that someone is doing everything to frame the murder on Sean and that they have to fight for their lifes against the mysterious Centurion organisation. The Centurions present themselve as a charity organisation but really are trying to change the society into a world ruled by men in which woman are worthless and completly oppressed.
Ellie and Sean soon realize that they can't trust anybody because the Centurions are everywhere. But thanks to the help of some Seals, the FBI, one persistent reporter and the daughter of a powerful Centurion they don't stand alone in the fight to get their lifes and Ellie's boys back. 

I really enjoyed reading "Too far gone", Ellie and Sean are great together and it's nice to meet some of the "old" Seals again. I also like the conspiracy part of the book although it left me with a suspicious feeling because maybe there is more to it than I would like to. There are also introduced some interesting new characters which I hope to read more of in a future book. 

So all in all it is a great book and I can recommend it to all the fans of the Navy Seal- series by Marliss Melton and of course to everyone else. 

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