11 October 2008

Review: Lucky Charm - Carly Phillips

"Lucky Charm" by Carly Phillips is the first book in a series of three about the Corwin cousins (all male) and their trouble with the famous Corwin curse.

Book 1 is all about Derek Corwin and him meeting his first and true love Gabrielle again after he broke up with her at their prom years (14) ago. Then he broke up with her because he really believed (and still does) in the Corwin curse that says that "any Corwin male who falls in love will be destined to lose his love and fortune".
But now Gabrielle is back to prove Derek that there is nothing true about the curse and that they can have a future together. Derek is not the only one sceptical about Gabrielle, soon after she arrives in her old hometown she starts getting serious threats by someone who wants her gone. The situation gets even more complicated because of Derek's daughter, who adores Gabrielle but Derek's ex-wife still has some issues with him and threatens Derek for sole-custody. In the end it comes down to what Derek has more trust in, an old family curse that dictated his love life forever or himself and Gabrielle and their love to each other.The main relationship between Gabrielle and Derek is great, ok sometimes I would have liked to shake Derek and tell him to go get his girl but because his main interest was always to make sure Gabrielle is safe I still like him. Gabby is a strong woman who goes after what she wants and is also a great friend to Sharon, her best friend since they were children.
Sharon and her fiance Richard, who's trying to become the new mayor in town, have their own problems to solve because of something that happened in Sharons past and took away all her self-confidence. They are a lovely couple too and made my heart warm whenever I read about them.

There are two great love stories in the book, some really hot scenes and a lot of feeling and funny moments - just perfect.
So all in all I really liked "Lucky Charm", recommend it to everyone who likes romances and can't wait until next year to read how Derek's cousins handle the "curse".

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