18 September 2008

Review: Tribute - Nora Roberts

IMO one of the best books NR has ever written. From the moment I read the first sentences I was hooked up in the story and felt like I was actually part of it. The feeling was the same when I first read "Angels Fall" and that's another one of my favs.

The book is acout Cilla McGowan who just recently bought her grandmothers old farm to renovate it and finally build up a home for herself. Cilla's family is not an ordinary one with her grandmother being a famous Hollywood legend who comitted suicide, a mother who tries to step in the old ladies shoes but can't fill them, a father Cilla hasn't met too often and Cilla herself who was pushed in the spotlight buy her ruthless mother but is more interested in finding her own way. 
In the present Cilla plans to live in her fathers hometown hoping to get some roots there, a better relationship with her dad and she also plans to start her own business (renovating and selling houses). That's a lot to work on even for a strong woman like Cilla but fortunately for her she has one sexy new neighbour, Ford Sawyer, who is more than willing to help her out whenever he can. 

Ford is not your typical alpha hero, he is so much more than that and way better than an alpha. He's always there when Cilla needs his strong shoulder to lean on but he also knows when to step back because Cilla needs to manage a situation by herself. He is also funny, intelligent, in a great shape and has the weirdest dog ever - to make this short, he is perfect for Cilla. 
Cilla is not to sure about where her future is going to take her but she can't resist Ford's charm and realizes that he may be a big part of her new life. 

All could be perfect if not for one very annyoning mother, an old family enemy and mysteroius events taking place at Cilla's new home which threatens her and her beloved ones. 
But with the help of Ford, her father and some old and new friends Cilla is the woman to solve the mysteries surrounding her grandmothers life and death. 

This book is so perfect that I already read through it several times and I can recommend it without reservations to everyone who loves a good romance. The main characters are awsome (I love Cilla and Ford, they are one of my favourite couples) and the minor characters (especially Cilla's ex Steve is the hit) are great too. Cilla's new family and her friends are one great group.So all in all Nora did it again and wrote a book that is so special and good that for me there is no doubt why she is the queen of romance.

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