08 September 2008

Review: Sweet trouble - Susan Mallery

I normally love Susan Mallerys series and don't worry the new "Sweet" series is another favourite of mine. 
Book 3 in the series is called "Sweet Trouble" and is about Jesse finally coming back after she left Seatlle pregnant 5 years ago because of trouble with her sister Nicole and her boyfriend Matt. 
But she's not coming home alone, with her is her adorable little boy Gabe who's actually the reason for her return because he wants to meet his father Matt. 

Ok, Jesse was kind of a bad girl in the first two books, "Sweet talk" and "Sweet spot", but even more was she a young woman not too sure about herself and her surroundings and on the search to find her place. Ok, she made some stupid mistakes but when reading the book you understand why she did them. 
Actually Jesse is my favourite sister because she is so human and managed to make the best out of her situation. She is a great mother to Gabe, way more self-confident than she was 5 years ago and finally ready to be a full member of the bakery.
Matt is still bitter because he thinks Jesse cheated on him and he manages to stay bitter through nearly the whole book (dumb, but hey he's a man, what do you expect). He nearly destroys his chance of a Happy Ending with Jesse and Matt but thankfully he comes to his senses before its too late. 
At the end it's up to Jesse to decide if she trusts the new/old Matt and especially herself to take a another chance with him. 

All in all I loved this book and can recommend the "Sweet" series to anyone who loves romances and a little sister interaction.

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