11 September 2008

Review: Strike Zone - Kate Angell

Kate Angell, one of my favourite authors, is getting better and better. Her last book "Strike Zone" of the boys of summer series is just perfect. Although it's part of a series you can read it without knowing "Squeeze Play" and "Curveball" but I recommend you to read these books because they are so good.

Back to "Strike Zone", it's about Taylor Hannah and Brek Stryker. Three years ago Taylor left Brek at the day of their wedding (literally in front of the altar), but never stopped loving him. Then she felt pressured to marry him only months after her parents died and needed some time alone to deal with it. So the last three years she worked as an adventure guide and had no contact with Brek but is still shocked to read that he is planning to marry again. 

Feeling that she has to finally solve the situation with Brek she comes back to Richmond. Brek is absolutly not interested in hearing anything Taylor has to say, but when Taylor is forced to stay longer than planed because of a knee injury he can't avoid her and his feelings any longer. When Brek is severly hurt too while playing ball and Taylor is there for him they both have to handle their feelings and finally the past. 

Kate Angell gives us another love story involving Eve, Taylors sister, and Sloan, a pitcher on Breks team. Taylor doesn't trust the arrogant Sloan and thinks he only wants to play with her and Sloan realizes that Eve is perfect for him and that he has to stop being a player to have a chance with her. 
Both love stories are great and I only wished the book had way more pages because I enjoyed it so much. 

IMO this is a must read, so if you are a romance fan buy yourself a copy immediately, enjoy reading it and then start waiting for Angells next book of the series hopefully with more of Kason (a new dark, bad boy on the team).

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