09 September 2008

Review: Not another bad date - Rachel Gibson

Rachel Gibson, one of my all-time favourites produced another hit (a big one). Not another bad date is all about Adele Harris and her first love Zach Zemantis. 

But it's starting and ending with another person - Devon, dead wife of Zach who got pregnant on purpose to get married to Zach (she is an absolute b.... , ehm a not so nice woman) anf of course it worked. Zach did the "right" thing, broke up with Adele and married Devon. I hate it when this happens because IMO marrying without love because someone gets pregnant is a recipe for disaster. But hey, that's only my opinion. 
Back to the beginning of the book, Devon just died and God wants her to redo the wrong she did to Adele. But being a - you know what I mean - she is all about making more trouble for Adele. 
A few years forward and Adele still has a lot of bad luck with men (thanks to Devon) and she is now back in her old hometown on a visit to help out her pregnant sister. Zach is living there too with his daughter and the two former lovers meet again and immediately realize that there is still a lot of attraction left beetween them. So what every romance reader craves happens and the two of them get back together. All is ok until Adele ends up pregnant (still Devon the b.) by Zach and let's just say he is not handling the situation like a good guy. 

Adele, being my kind of girl, doesn't think about marrying because she got pregnant, so Zach is in a new situation and has to decide if there is more to his relationship with Adele and she has to decide if Zack is man enough to be her partner in life. 
Although I don't really believe in god and I hate the whole "marrying without love thing" I loved - really loved - this book. It was a great read and I already reread it two times. Adele is a inspiring character, a real woman with flaws and one of my favourite heroines. And Zach is in the end a hit too who deserves a better marriage like the one he had with Devon. 
And the idea with bringing the dead Devon into the book is really working and giving the book an unique character. 

Even though the book is part of a series you can read it without knowing the other three books, although of course you should read them because they are great. 
So grab a copy and start reading - this book is a must-read for romance fans.

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