09 September 2008

Review: Nauti Dreams - Lora Leigh

So hot and so good - that's my short review. Now the detailed one. "Nauti dreams" is number three in the "Nauti" series by Lora Leigh (love her) and like her other books it's pretty graphic about sexual details, so if you have trouble with reading things like that this book is not for you. But if you like all the glory details like I do this book is just right for you. 

Ok, it's all about Natches, the baddest and darkest of the boys, and Agent Greta/Chaya Dane who we know from "Nauti Nights". 
What nobody knows is that Natches and Chaya actually met some years ago in Iraq where Greta lost her daughter and nearly her life but Natches managed to save her. Chaya wants nothing more than to forget meeting Natches be he doesn't give her a chance because meeting her changed his life. Because nobody knows about their past the boys, especially Dawg, don't understand the relationship between Natches and Chaya and actually dislike her.
In the present Chaya is back in Somerset because of orders from Cranston in order to finally solve the mystery of the local terror group that we already heard about in book 2. Unfortunatly the head of the group is closer to Natches as he would like to, so there's no way Chaya can avoid getting in close contact to Natches and begining to trust her feelings for him and accept that life handed her a second chance to be happy. 

Natches was a major suprise for me because what I thought of him after the first two books was absolutly not true and he is so much more than he seemed to be. You just have to love him and right know he is my favourite Nauti boy. Caring, loyal, sexy as hell and willing to do everything for the people he loves - you have to adore him.

The end of the book is a major highlight - all I'm saying is that I love to see strong men weak in certain situations. All in all I loved this book and can't wait for "Nauti Intentions" coming out next year with the focus on Alex and Janey.

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