13 September 2008

Review: Fools rush in - Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins is a author I just recently discovered. I just finished "Fools rush in" by her and absolutly loved it. Higgins manages to make scenarios I normally not enjoy into something beautifull and I can only recommend this book and her other work.

Our heroine is Millie Burnes, the intelligent sister, who is back in her hometown after going away to study medicine. Ever since highschool she dreamed about getting together with Joe Carpenter and now she is back to achieve her dream. She thinks that she knows everything about him (hey, she kind of stalked him more often than not) and that Joe is her perfect match.
So Millie is a girl who likes plans and after managing to make the most out of herself (for the first time she really enjoys how she looks like) she is finally ready to get her guy. And oh boy, does she gets him only to realize after some time that a fantasy is just that: a fantasy that has sometimes nothing to do with reality.

After breaking up with Joe she realizes that she is in love with somebody totally different: her sisters ex-husband Sam. That's when the trouble really starts because Millie and Sam (of course he has feelings too) find themselves in a weird situation where they have to defend their feelings to their family and they have to decide if their love is worth all the turmoil.

This book is so good, Millie is great and inspiring and she has a bunch of people who care about her, I especially like her gay friends who help her making the most of herself but also staying true to who she really is.
So, if you haven't already read this beautiful and inspiring book get yourself a copy and realize that love sometimes takes the long way and not the shortcut.

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