17 September 2008

Review: Fast & Loose - Elizabeth Bevarly

I just recently read my first Elizabeth Bevarly book and I'm already a fan. I really like her style to write, love her storylines and because she always presents more than one lovestory I'm on the way to get addicted to her books. 

So, "Fast & Loose" is mainly about Lulu Flannery and Cole Early. Lulu is renting out her house because of the Kentucky Derby and Cole is the one to rent it from her. But both don't know about that when they first meet. They have something like a "feeling/attraction on first sight" and meet again some days later still with some attraction between them. But because both usually look for partners with different qualities than the other possesses they are a bit unsure about what to do. Especially because Lulu thinks that Cole is a womanizer using his status as a famous Thoroghbred trainer to get what he wants and Cole thinks that Lulu is a bit crazy, somewhat odd but also very charming and interesting. Things get even more complicated when Lulu realizes that Cole is renting her house and Cole discovers that the owner of his house which he imagined as a hot, sexy and vibrant woman is Lulu. 
Both have to handle that sometimes what we think we want is not what we need and that often the outer appeareance is just a shell that helps to cover the real person in order to find love and happiness with each other.

Even though it takes half of the book until they realize who each other really is that doesn't mean that the first pages are boring, contrary they are really funny and beautifully written and I really enjoyed this way to get them to know each other. 
The second lovestory is between Lulu's friend Bree and Rufus who's working as a bartender. Bree is looking for some rich guy to marry (for example Cole) who can help her taking care of her ill mother but she realizes that it's more important to really love than to marry rich. 
Both lovestories are really nice and I enjoyed this book a lot. Especially the relationship between Lulu and Cole is beautiful and warmed my heart. 

So grab yourself a copy of "Fast & Loose" and read on!

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