18 September 2008

Review: Curveball - Kate Angell

"Curveball" is the first Kate Angell book I've read and ever since then I'm a big fan of her. Right no she is actually one of my favourite authors.
The book is about the "Bat Pack" the three bad boys of the Richmond Rogues, a baseball team. And let me tell you, all of them are so hot and sexy that you become a baseball groupie immediately. It's the second books of the Rogues - series and I can recommend the other books as well.

Psycho, Romeo and Chaser are three friends who like to play as hard as they like to party.
After being benched for a fight they use their time to get to know three very special ladies.

Psycho, a nudist, is the badest of the three but when he meets Keely Douglas, he is shocked to realize that this small, slender woman makes him crave what he never had - the love of a good woman and a family. Now he just has to convince her that he is so much more than a "Psycho".
Chaser, the catcher of the team, realizes that Jen Reid, the girl next door and one of his best friends forever is the one woman who tops all the others. No he just has to manage to catch her before someone else does.
Last but not least we have Romeo, the number one womanizer of the team, who meets his perfect match in reporter Emerson Kent. But she is not too sure if Romeo is ready to settle down with one woman. So Romeo has his work cut out because he realizes that with Emerson he can be Jesse (his real name) and doesn't have to be the superficial Romeo.

As you can tell I just love this book, the guys are so sexy, the ladies are great too and the chemistry between the three pairs is awsome. The three guys are very different from each other so that the book never gets boring. Kate Angell has a way to write that makes me crave for more. I just wish that her books would be longer (maybe 300 pages more, hey, I can dream) because she is so good.

So if you are in the mood for a great book with three sweet and sexy love stories grab yourself a copy of "Curveball" and be happy that it's part of a series so there are more great stories to discover.

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