18 September 2008

Review: Chasing Stanley - Deirdre Martin

Ok, let's sum this up: I just adore this book, I love all Deirdre Martin has published and this work especially. IMO it's perfect in every way and a brilliant new book in the "New York Blades" series. 
For those who want some more info, here it is. 

It's all about Delilah Gould, a very shy dog trainer, and about Jason Mitchell, a new player of the Blades. Jason and his best buddy, Newfoundland Stanley, are new in town and in need of a place for Stanley to stay when Jason is playing. Jason and Delilah meet on a hot summer day and there is instant attraction between them and even better Delilah adores Stanley and is prepared to train and board him.
From a working relationship they go on to a more intimate one and at the beginning they have a lot of fun and enjoy their life together, but soon realize that because their temperaments are totally different not everything is perfect. Delilah is very shy and happy to stay at home with her dogs while Jason wants to enjoy every aspect of his new life in New York with spending every night out meeting new people. 
Jason expects Delilah to be more outgoing but doesn't realize that he is hurting her more than helping her to overcome her insecurities. After a disastrous evening spent at one of Jason's colleagues home they both decide to end their intimate relationship. They still have contact because of Stanley and after Delilah helps Jason out in two critical situations he realizes why he felt in love with the shy Delilah and that they are perfect for each other if they accept the other just like she/he is. 

Delilah and Jason are really sweet together and I especially love her. She is one of my favourite heroines. Besides Delilah, Jason and Stanley you also meet some crazy parents, a annoying but also very charming twin-brother (his book "Power Play" is out in October 08) and some of the "old" Blades and each of them makes this book what it is: perfect. 

So please run to your next bookstore/go online and buy/order yourself a copy and read on!

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