08 September 2008

Review: Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon

After waiting (not always patiently) for years the book of the books "Acheron" finally arrived in August, 2008. First impressions: the cover looks really beautiful and classy and the book is a big one, 722 pages to enjoy.
Like many otherr fans of the Hunter- series I had some high expectations regarding this book. IMO all of them were fullfilled because the book is just perfect. 

Ok, part 1 is hard to read because it deals with Ash's past and after getting glimpses of it in other books of the series now for the first time you see the whole terrible tragedy of it. I cried several times while reading it because of what Ash had to go through. But you have to read it to really understand the person Ash is today and to finally understand what motivates him to make a change in the human world. 
Part 2 is all about the present and giving Acheron some much needed hapiness. For the second time in the series you meet his heroine, Tory, who is just perfect for him (after reading part 1 it became clear that Artemis could never be his heroine). 

Tory, more at home in the world of history and books, is the perfect match for Acheron because she has no prejudices and a lot of love to give without demanding anything Ash doesn't want to give. It's nice to see how Ash acts with someone he truly loves and trusts (ok, I had to cry again, because it's just so beautiful reading about him being happy). 
Besides seeing Ash truly happy for the first time there are going on other interesting developments involving Nick and Artemis. You also get to see some glimpses of Savitar (love him) and his unique humour and I really enjoyed his interactions with Ash. Hope Sav will get his own book in the future. 

So, if you haven't already bought yourself a copy of "Acheron" get one, look for a quiet place, grab some tissues, enough food and water for a couple of days and enjoy this perfect book.

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