08 September 2008

My first

So here is my first post, it should be something special but because I'm still working on making my blog the way I want it, I'm going to keep it short. 
In the future I'm going to post my reviews about books that I read recently, days, month or years ago. As long as I liked a book I'm going to post about it. There will be no negative reviews because I want to concentrate on the books I enjoyed. 

I'm also going to write about books I can't wait to read, so after the present and the past here comes the future. And of course most (ok, all) books I'm talking about will be books with a happy ending because when reading I like to wear my rose-coloured glasses, that's why I love romances. 

Oh, before I forget it: English is not my native language and I try my best but of course sometimes there will be little mistakes. So sorry for that.

Hope you have as much fun reading my blog as I have writing it.

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