about ABH

About me

Hello, I'm from Germany and an avid reader. I love buying books, reading them, putting them on my shelves and rereading my favourite novels. I have loved reading ever since I was a child. My whole family loves to read so it's only natural that I adore books.

About my books

When I get a new book I read the end first because otherwise I would get too nervous and anxious. I like knowing what will happen in a story and I enjoy spoilers.

I mostly read romances (contemporary, historical, paranormal, erotic, steampunk), Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Fantasy, cozy mysteries and Chick Lit. I read books from the adult & YA section. I prefer reading happy books that have a beautiful Happily Ever After, and that make me laugh and smile a lot. I don't like books that are too dark and that deal with a lot of violence, torture and things like rape.

I buy pretty much all of the books I read. Buying books is the best way to support an author and that's what I want to do. I love talking with other passionate readers about great books, I think celebrating books and different tastes in them is something fantastic.

About ABH

In September 2008 I started with "About Happy Books" to share the good books I read with other readers. My goal was and still is to blog with a positive attitude and to share my excitement for books with other readers.

I love talking with other passionate readers about great books. I also love promoting the great authors I enjoy to read and love recommending their books to other readers.

About my review policy, sponsored content, affiliate links

Right now I'm not interested in receiving review copies of books, so please don't contact me because of it.

I like buying the books I read, IMO it's the best way to support an author. And I don't like the feeling that I have to read a book, so review copies are not really for me.
I accepted review copies, mostly digital ones, in the past for about two years, but not any longer. I personally feel more comfortable with reading the books I buy myself, so that's what I do.

There are also no sponsored posts, affiliate links or ads in any way on About Happy Books, I like to blog as a hobby and I don't want to monetize my blog.

Hope you will enjoy visiting About Happy Books.
Happy Reading!