06 August 2017

Books I bought in July

Let's take a look at the books I bought in July 2017. I actually thought that I bought less books than I did, but still I'm pretty happy with the number of books I got. I have nearly read all of the books from my TBR pile, so it's nice to have some new books to read in the next weeks

In this post I will concentrate on the print books I bought in July, you will see the ebooks I got in reviews over the next weeks and months.

The books
The lost & found - Katrina Leno
Dumplin - Julie Murphy
Stiletto - Daniel O'Malley
Starflight - Melissa Landers
A quiet kind of thunder - Sara Barnard
Unconventional - Maggie Harcourt
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell
Lucky in love - Kasie West
Unendlich nah - Kathrin Lichters
Her perfect mate - Paige Tyler

The new books are from different genres and should offer something for every mood, so I'm pretty happy with the mix.

Which new books did you buy in July?

PS: Please ignore "Grave Phantoms", I bought this book in June and already showed it to you in my last haul. 


  1. I bought a couple of books by Rainbow Rowell too - I got Eleanor & Park and Attachments. I read Fangirl recently and enjoyed it, so I hope I'll love these too!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. I've not bought books for years but like looking at the lists of books other people have on their shelves. Gives me lots of new ideas.

  3. I love Carry On! I hope you enjoy all your new books.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. I love that Carry On cover it's so pretty! And I still need to pick up a copy of Stiletto. I think my library is meant to be a getting a copy in so I keep waiting. I am impressed you've almost finished your TBR. I want to know your secrets but I feel like it probably consists of not buying more than you read and I don't understand that concept.

  5. Dang Sabrina, good for you! I wish I could say that I've read nearly all the books on my TBR pile/shelves, but that's sadly pretty far from the case, haha. Your copies of Carry on and Stiletto are gorgeous! I'm excited to see what you think of Stiletto as I've heard great things.




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