20 March 2017

Resistance is futile - Jenny T. Colgan (I'm not sure what to think about this book)

a wild mix of chick-lit and science fiction
a group of mathematicians is thrown together
to solve a mathematical problem
that they don't know any details about
why is it so important?
this book took me on a crazy ride
which was at times funny and weird in a positive way
and at times just weird
some developments were fascinating
others didn't work for me
for example the ending
the group of mathematicians was an interesting one
but unfortunately I couldn't connect to the characters
I never felt close to them
and that's why the developing relationships didn't manage to touch my heart
I knew before reading this book
that picking it up was a bit of a gamble
and even though the book wasn't perfect for me
I still don't regret giving it a chance. 

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