My thoughts on the flipback book format

I recently bought some books in the so called flipback format and here are my thoughts on this special format. Make sure to watch the video in HD. :)

Have you heard about the flipback books before this video? What do you think about the format?

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  1. I have known about the format for a while and have seen a few copies at a bookstore, but none that I was interested in reading right that moment. If I try the flipback format I'd like to get a book I want to start at the spot, if I just save it for some other time I might be better of with a more traditional format.

    1. Sounds like a smart plan. I got the Jane Austen books because I love them and because I collect different versions of her books, so this worked for me.

  2. Oh my never saw that before!!! I think I would find it annoying to read that way

    1. It is indeed a bit annoying, for normal reading O definitely prefer "normal" books.



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