Book shelf tour #5 - more YA books

Welcome to part #5 in my book shelf tour, this video is about some of my YA books (watch the video here if the embedded YouTube version doesn't work).This time I'm mostly talking about dystopians, paranormals and more.
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  1. I love all your books!! The Selection, For Darkness Shows the Stars, Across the Universe, Shatter Me, Divergent.. AHHH!!! I love all those so much! I still need to read the books by Cassandra Clare. I've only read City of Bones. It was good but apparently not amazing enough to make me read the second book right away. :P I'll get around to it though.

    1. I like the books by Cassandra Clare, they always manage to entertain me, but they are not my favourites. I need to read "The Clockwork Prince" soon, at least before the next book in the series is released.



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