Book shelf tour #4 - my contemporary YA books

Hi and welcome to part #4 in my book shelf tour. Today I'm going to show you my contemporary YA books. At first I wanted to show you the books via photos, but I think a video is more expressive. Have fun with this part of my book shelves and for more videos of my books go to my Book Shelves playlist on Youtube.

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  1. Love the new look of the blog! Gorgeous, and super-slick! And loved seeing all of your contemp YA books, of course. ;)

    I love how Going Too Far is one of your favorite Echols books too. It's definitely mine!

    1. Thanks!
      I adore "Going too far", it's such a great book. I ordered "Such a rush" a few days ago and hope that I will also enjoy it a lot.

  2. I really should think about rearranging my book shelves...that's what I always think when I see your pretty shelves! I think I have to check out the book by Jennifer Echols you recommended in the video it sounds awesome!

    1. I would definitely recommend "Going too far", "The Ex Games" and "Major Crush" by Jennifer Echols. I had some issues with some of her books (Love Story, Forget you and The One that I want) but I'm still excited to give her newest, "Such a rush", a try. I just ordered the book a few days ago. :)



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