Book Impressions: Splitterherz - Bettina Belitz

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Splitterherz by Bettina Belitz
German fantasy YA ⎪ #1 in the Splitterherz trilogy ⎪ published 2010 ⎪ bought my copy

"Splitterherz" (translated this would be: Splintered Heart) is a book I saw in bookstores and online quiet a lot in the last two years. I saw people reading the book, discussing it passionately, but I never was really interested in finding out what this book and the trilogy are about. That changed a few weeks ago. All of a sudden I wanted to know what this story was about, and thankfully AnLi from the German book blog Eine unendliche Geschichte wrote me an email with her impressions on the series and with all the reasons why she loves it. What AnLi wrote sounded very good, so I finally got a copy of "Splitterherz" and what can I say? Thank goodness I finally did! I loved the book and it made me an instant fan of its author Bettina Belitz.

"Splitterherz" is a book with a very melancholic and thoughtful setting, at times it appears even a bit depressing and cold. But that's all something I loved. You know that I normally prefer happy books, but the special mood and atmosphere in "Splitterherz" still put me under a spell. Everything in the book, the characters, the setting, the love story, the special beings, the weltschmerz are things that worked perfectly for me. And from the first sentences on I fell in love with the the wrting style of the author. She managed to make me forget everything else besides Ellie, Colin and the dramatic events they were in.

I think "Splitterherz" as a whole and especially the character of Ellie are written in a way that will create strong emotions. You will either love the book and its heroine, or will be pretty annoyed by both. :) I love books that have the power to create strong emotions in the people who read them.

Dreams play an important role in "Splitterherz" and I love the way they are used. It was fascinating to read how Belitz created this whole world of special beings that depend on dreams. I also loved the family dynamics and that the characters are who they are, there are no easy solutions for their issues and I don't think that there will be in the future. Neither for Ellie's family nor for her love to Colin.

I love that Belitz managed to write a book that has a special mood, a mood you don't find that often in other books. A mood that even worked for a happy reader like I am, even though it's completly different to what I'm usually enjoying.

Sadly there is so far no English translation of the book and the whole trilogy. I think this book could be a success in the USA, UK and so on. I hope that my English speaking friends from all over the world will one day get the chance to get lost in the world of Splitterherz. That you one day will get the chance to go on this emotional and very melancholic journey. I'm still in the middle of my journey, I'm right now reading "Scherbenmond", the second book in the series, and so far it's as brilliant as the first book was.

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  1. I'm inbetween with this trilogy: I love the special beings and the writing style of Bettina Belitz too. But Ellie annoys me a lot. During Scherbenmond I laughed a lot about the heroine witch I always called a reasoner - I think she is in the top ten of the emotional persons ever.
    But someday I'll read Dornenkuss and than I'll now if Ellie and Colin find a way to be happy with each other:).

    1. I can understand how Ellie and what is happening with her could be a bit annoying, however I love her. I don't know why but her character just works for me perfectly.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too. I ordered "Dornenkuss" earlier today and plan to finish with "Scherbenmond" in the next two days.




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