DBD #239 - an excerpt, Poe and The Printables

Every day is a day with new entries in my Dear Bookish Diary. I read books, discovered new to me authors and spent way too long looking lovingly at their backlists. New books were ordered or added to my wishlist. I had fantastic discussions with other avid readers who enjoy spending their time talking about the good books they read.

From now on I will show you how my day was through sharing my bookish facebook posts/tweets.

What to do on this Sunday morning? I will read the teaser (first 16 pages) Maggie Stiefvater posted of "The Raven Boys".

I think all the people who create bookish tags for youtube or blogs are great. I would love to create a tag myself, but it might take me a lot of time to think about some good questions. :)

Whenever I see a quote by Edgar Allen Poe I kind of feel bad, his writing style and I will never be friends. :( 

Love what Priscilla from The Readables created for readers and bloggers. Check out The Printables, print them out and enjoy being a reader.

I think my next bookish discussion post will be on having trouble to reconnect to a book after taking a short break (a few hours) from reading it. It happened to me three times recently and it annoys me. 

Started with "Ten years on" by Alice Peterson, I'm on page 116 and so far the book is pretty good and entertaining. Btw, I love the cover of the book.

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  1. Seeing Lorna Doone brought back memories. I remember as a child visiting the church where the story was set.

    1. This sounds like a great memory!



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