Dear Bookish Diary day 153

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Good books I read
Yesterday I thought it would be nice to have a list of the good/great books I read on the blog. So I decided to create a page called Good books I read. On this page I started a list with all the good/great books I read in 2012, and I will add the books from 2011 and more years in the next days. 
When I wrote my list for 2012 I realized that even though I sometimes feel as if 2012 hasn't been such a great bookish year so far, there are already a lot of books on the list. So maybe 2012 wasn't as bad as I sometimes think. I guess I was disappointed by a few highly anticipated books and let that overshadow things. But no more! From now on my "Good books I read" list will help me to not forget all the fantastic books I read in 2012 and in all the other years. 
"Good books I read" is also my way to recommend books that IMO are good/great to you, so check it out. 

E-reading, finally
This week I finally started with making a dent in my virtual TBR pile. I read several e-books on my smartphone and my goal is to get near to ten books on my TBR pile. Reading on the smartphone is ok, but I have less patience with e-books compared to print books. Feeling the pages of a book, even smelling a book is something I miss with e-books.
I hope that I can tell you in one month that my virtual TBR pile is down to under 10 books. 

Being envious is no solution
Right now it's hard to not be envious at all the people who either go to the big Loveletter convention in Germany where some awesome romance authors will be (Nalini Singh and Maya Banks for example) or at all the people who get ready for BEA. I will not be able to attend both events, and sometimes it's a bit frustrating to see all the posts about it, especially the ones on BEA. 
But of course the world doesn't stop just because I will be busy at home instead of attending these events. And I'm sure that I will have some fantastic days with lots of beautiful moments. So there's no need to be envious, instead I will be happy and excited for all the people who will be able to attend the events. Have fun, enjoy every second and take lot's of pictures.

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  1. I can't go to Berlin either but I'll meet Nalini Singh in Dortmund next weekend. I am looking so forward for it! :3 I am happy to live so close to Dortmund now.

    1. Yeah, that's fantastic! I hope you will have a great time. And don't forget to take some good photos. :)

  2. Oh that's a pity you can't go to that event!
    I'll be learning for a whole weekend, so that's no fun either ;)

    1. I hope that the event will be again next year and then I hope I will be able to attend. But this weekend I'm too busy. :(
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah I'm kind of feeling the same about 2012 because there haven't been that many outstanding books. But maybe I need to do something similar and collect all the good books together as a reminder so I don't get discouraged.

    Also, have you thought about participating in Armchair BEA? It's online and lets bloggers participate from home. It's my first year doing it so we'll see how it goes, but I hope it's going to be a bunch of fun!

    1. I have thought about doing Armchair BEA, but I'm not sure about it. Maybe I will decide to participate, we will see.

      Happy Reading!



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