Cover favourites

In my Cover favourites I'm showing you covers, old and new, that I like because of various reasons. Everybody likes looking at a beautiful, interesting or just fantastic book cover and I'm no exception. :)

Riding out the storm - this cover is full of energy.

Amber Scott is starting over - The perfect cover for a chick litish book. The cover makes me very excited to give this book a try.

The Boy with the Cuckoo - Clock heart - a special cover that is IMO just perfect.

Once was lost - a simple design with beautiful colours and a wonderful motive.

Grim - This is a cover that instantly left a great impression on me. The colours used fit together absolutely perfectly.

Summer and Bird - beautiful and it managed to make me interested in learning more about the book. 

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  1. This time I only like Summer and Bird very much. But I really love your Cover favourites for finding out about new books and to get my wishlist larger, haha :)

    1. Ha, that's exactly my evil goal behind this feature. ;)

  2. Hmm the only one I really like, is Once was lost.

  3. great selection of books Sabrina... Now I have to add them to my TBR pile ha ha

    1. Ha, that was exactly my evil goal.



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