How was your bookish week?

I guess it's no secret that I love talking about books and everything that has to do with it. And I'm also curious by nature. So I thought it would be nice to once a week chat about all the bookish things that happened in the last week. 

My bookish week was pretty slow. I didn't buy a lot of books and I didn't read a lot of books. For three days I even took a break from reading novels. Instead of my usual fiction books I read some books on digital photography and nothing else. I really needed this short break from reading, all the average books I read recently had depressed me a bit and this free time allowed me to not lose my excitement for reading.

Like I said, I didn't buy too many books this week, but yesterday I couldn't say no to four new ones. These four books were on my wish list and their price dropped overnight for about 2 Euros each. So of course I had to buy them.

I'm not sure what next week will bring. I'm expecting some books I ordered last week, I want to go on with reading books from my TBR pile, I'm hoping to read a great book and I will finally try to read some ebooks on my tablet.

One thing I'm super excited for is this pile of paper.

These are 137 pages of a book my sis is writing and I'm her beta reader. She is writing a fantasy book set in a foreign world and I'm so excited (and a bit nervous) to read the first third of her novel.

How was your bookish week?

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  1. My bookish week wasn't that bad! I've read some books and got some books, I also ordered two books yesterday and pre-ordered four books...I decided to give The Book Depository another chance because the offers were too good to say no!
    So hopefully it will work out! :3
    Now I intend to finish "Montana Glory" and unpack five bags and one backpack full of books I brought from home. ;)

    1. I so hope that your Hermes guy will this time deliver the books. Btw, the 10% off at TBD will also make me buy some more books. :)

      Hope you will have a great start in the new week. Happy Reading

    2. I hipe that too!
      Yeah I mean I couldn't resist with 10% off!!!! Amazon can't beat that!

      Well I finished a book half an hour ago i think that's a good start. :)
      Happy Reading!

  2. I have to say the same: I would like to take a pause because these average books are so depressing. But I hope that this will change if I continue reading. Maybe I have to go through more of them, but let's hope the best.

    Does your sister write in german or english?

    1. She writes in German. This is her first novel, so for she has mainly written short stories on various themes.

      I think continuing to read is the right way, there need to be some great books in your and mine TBR pile. Let's hope for the best.

      Have a great week and happy reading!

  3. Your sister is a writer? cool! I also took a break from reading...mostly because I'm tired and wanted to spend time doing something else with my boyfriend, lol

    1. She's a student in real life but has written short stories since she was 12. Now she plans to finish her first novel. I think it's amazing because I could never be able to write a whole book. I have not enough patience for it.

      Sometimes you just need to take a break from reading, I also spend a lot of time with my family this week and it was great. Just because we are bookaholics doesn't mean that we have to read every day.

  4. Wow, that is so cool, reading for your sister! I do hope you like the book. You have to check out my blog Sabrina, you won 2nd prize ;)



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