Book Impressions: Saving Grace - Ciara Geraghty

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Saving Grace by Ciara Geraghty
published 2008
women's fiction set in Dublin, Ireland
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  • "Saving Grace" made me smile, laugh and cry. And when I finished the last page of the book I was very happy with how things had changed for Grace. 
  • A book that starts with tragedy and cheating is normally not for me, but I felt from the beginning that staying with Grace and learning more about her & her life would be so worth it. And it was!!!
  • Reading about Grace, her complicated relationship with her mom, her relationship with a man who doesn't care about what happens in her life, and the man who seems to really see who she is was emotional and fantastic. 
  • Grace is a complex character that I just had to love, there was no other way. Even when she did things I don't agree with I still loved reading about her. One of the characters says in the book "You're hard not to love, Grace" and I completely agree with it.
  • This book made me excited for more by the author. Ciara Geraghty has so far published three books and I want to read them all. I already ordered "Becoming Scarlett" and "Finding Mr Flood".


  1. 'Saving Grace' sounds really interesting and you made a great book impressions post - I will definitively keep the book in mind :)
    greetings, Melanie

    1. Thanks! To be honest I was a bit surprised by how much I liked the book, but of course it was a very nice surprise.

  2. Good to know you liked it. I have this book in the German version in my shelf for a while. :)

    1. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. I actually first discovered the book through seeing the German version on amazon.




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