27 May 2017

Book haul: new books and bookmarks

In the last weeks I bought some interesting books and also some beautiful bookmarks by Sarah Mählen. I had one of her bookmarks before but unfortunately lost it, that's why I decided to buy three new ones. I usually don't want/need stuff with my name on it, but I love it on bookmarks.

Of course I also bought some new books, some I had previously read and enjoyed as ebooks / audio books, some are completely new to me.

I have already read both books by Kylie Scott, I enjoyed them a lot so I decided to get print versions. The other books are new to me, I got three YA books, one SciFi and one German romance series. All books sound great and I'm excited to read them. 

I bought three more books, all are in a smaller format.

One of the books by Kate Carlisle is new to me, one I already read as an ebook some months ago. And then I have a new paranormal book by Jenn Bennett I'm very excited about. I'm reading the book right now and so far it's great.

Happy Reading!


23 May 2017

The Dark Days Pact - Alison Goodman (was the ending really necessary?)

Regency adventure combined with supernatural aspects
#2 in the Lady Helen series
after reading and enjoying "The Dark Days Club" last year
I finally read the second book
this time it was a bit easier to connect with the characters
to feel at home in the world Alison Goodman created
she has written a fascinating and fresh story
with complex characters
and a plot
that not always worked for me perfectly
especially some developments towards the end of this book
didn't work for me
however I'm hopeful
that they will move into other directions in the next book of the series
I had a good time with "The Dark Days Pact"
and would recommend the series to readers of historical books
who also like supernatural aspects. 


22 May 2017

Proxy + Avalon + Polaris - Mindee Arnett (an entertaining space adventure)

young adult duology
Science Fiction
I recently read Mindee Arnett's entertaining YA SciFi series
the series took me on a fun and diverting adventure
the SciFi world Arnett developed was fascinating and at times cruel
trying to survive, to get your freedom often seemed impossible for the crew
the world could have been a bit more complex
but overall interested me enough to keep me going
the stories took me on an entertaining space adventure
most of the characters were pretty fascinating
even though some secondary characters were a bit underdeveloped
and it seemed as if the author took the easy way out
with the characters who didn't survive the journey
because all of the main characters survived
but you know me
I'm not going to complain about books having a good, happy ending
because I love them
all in all I had a good reading experience with this duology
it wasn't perfect, however entertained me well.

The next book by Mind Arnett is called
Onyx and Ivory
and I plan to get it once it's out in 2018. 



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