08 December 2016

The geeks's guide to unrequited love - Sarvenaz Tash

young adult contemporary
coming of age with a touch of romance
main topics are friendship, family and being a geek
I read a copy of the German version I got from my local library
I loved the sound of this book
plus the covers, both the US and German one, look very appealing
I expected to have a lot of fun with this story about unrequited love
and yes, the original title includes a pretty big spoiler
about how the possible romance will end
my reading experience was overall a good one
but I also had some issues
the author's writing style made it easy to follow what was going on
the characters were interesting
and I enjoyed experiencing Comic Con through the eyes of Graham
our main character
however I never felt as if I really knew the main characters
I didn't feel close to them
and both the story and characters were too easy to forget
once I was finished with the story. 

PS: The print on the table is by Iraville
I recently bought it. 
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Break Away - Lisa B. Kamps

part of a series, but can be read as a stand-alone
sports romance
a few months ago I read the first two books in this series
they were ok
but didn't make me excited for more
now I downloaded book #5
because it was free
and I was pleasantly surprised by the story
this time I really liked the characters
their story was emotional, sexy and sweet
my emotions were involved in the story beginning to end
I enjoyed that there was no unnecessary drama at the end
this time the story made me very excited for more in the series
and after looking at the other books
at least three full-length novels
and two novellas appeal to me
so yes, I will be reading more of the series in the future
and if you like sports romances
then the series might be worth a try. 
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07 December 2016

Managed - Kristen Callihan

#2 in the VIP series
contemporary rock star romance
a few months ago I read "Idol"
book #1 in the series
I struggled with the book
and at first didn't plan on going on with the series
recently I decided to give the series a second chance
because I usually love the romances by Callihan
and I'm so happy about this decision
because "Managed" was everything I was hoping for
the story is very entertaining and also charming
I loved the two main characters
and their romance
the misunderstanding at the ending is one the story didn't need
but that's only a minor complain
this book strengthened my love for romances by Kristen Callihan
and it made me excited for more books in this series
and in Game On, her sports romance one
and it made me want to give "Idol" a second chance
I already started rereading the book
and the second time many things work so much better for me
I guess I needed some time
to get used to the rock star world and the characters
if you like entertaining, sexy and intense romances
then this book could be perfect for you. 
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