19 May 2015

Good Books: The Hate List - Jennifer Brown

Even though I'm still in a rereading books phase, I read one new book last week, a book that was powerful, that made me cry, that made me feel so much, that made me an instant fan of its author. I'm talking about "The Hate List" by Jennifer Brown. I had this book on my wishlist but somehow the time never felt right to get and read it. Then I discovered the book in the online service of my local library and I requested it spontaneously, and I'm so glad that I did so. 

At first I planned to just read a few pages, but then I couldn't stop with reading the book until I was finished with it. The book is YA, but not a romance. It plays in the aftermath of a shooting spree at a school, our main character was nearly killed during this horrible event, the boy who was responsible for the tragedy was her own boyfriend and he was killing people based on a hate list he and his girlfriend wrote together.