24 August 2016

A room with a view - E.M. Forster

fiction + romance
set around 1900
I had this book on my wishlist for quiet some time
a book that counts as a classic and is supposed to be a wonderful romance
of course I wanted to read it
I expected the kind of writing style you need some time to get used to
but in the end I expected to love this book
unfortunately that didn't happen
I got used to the writing style
but I never fell in love with it
the main characters annoyed me
especially Lucy, the heroine
at times she seemed quiet stupid
I didn't enjoy reading about the romance
I didn't feel anything besides frustration
the behaviour of some characters bordered on hysterical at times
I couldn't deal with this
so in the end I was disappointed by "A room with a view"
the book cover was the best about the book for me. 
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22 August 2016

Public library and other stories - Ali Smith

Public library and other stories
I bought this book
because I love libraries
and wanted to finally read a book by Ali Smith
I was surprised
that most of the stories are not about libraries
however short texts in between
both by Ali Smith and other people
these were my favourite parts of the book
the stories itself were interesting
and Ali Smith is a master with words
however my emotions didn't get involved while reading the stories
so unfortunately this book wasn't perfect for me
but hey
from time to time it's nice to read something different than my usual romances
even when the book doesn't work for me. 
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18 August 2016

The rest of us just live here - Patrick Ness

young adult
a mix of contemporary and fantasy
that includes a world in which gods live
and some special teens
but this book is not about them
it's about the normal ones
the ones who struggle with mundane things
who have to deal with
complicated family dynamics
with mental issues
and other things
I loved the sound of the story
and the design of the hardcover edition is beautiful
I was excited to finally read a book by Patrick Ness
but unfortunately I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the story
the plot turned out to be different from what I expected
I didn't feel anything while reading the story
I wasn't interested in the main characters
and their issues
all in all my experience with the book wasn't the best
this was my first book by Patrick Ness
and it might be my last. 

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