20 April 2017

Sebastian - Anne Bishop (the world building brought me to my knees)

#1 in the The Landscape of Ephemera series
it's no secret that I love "The Courtyards of the Others" series by Anne Bishop
that's why I want to read some of her previous books as well
to start I choose "Sebastian"
I started reading this book over a month ago
it took me a long to to finish the story
not because it's a bad one
but rather because the world building was at times a bit baffling for me
it was hard to understand who was who
why a certain place was exactly the way it was
how everything fit together
I love Anne Bishop's complex world building in "The Others"
but while reading "Sebastian" I was more often than not confused by it
especially in the first chapters
later it got easier to understand the connections between all of the characters and settings
but it was never as easy as expected
the more I read of the book
the more I enjoyed it
"Sebastian" is not a book you can read on the go
you need some time and a calm mind to really understand what is going on
to build a good connection with the characters
even though at the end this turned out to be a good book for me
one I enjoyed reading
I still don't plan to continue with this series
because the world the series is set in is not my favourite
and I frankly don't need more of it right now.

If you like complex fantasy worlds
with a big cast of characters
and intense stories
then this series could be something for you.


Some contemporary romances I recently read and struggled with (in different ways)

Contemporary romances belong to my favourite kind of books. I love light-hearted, emotional stories that make me feel a lot, that make me swoon and smile, that entertain me. But of course even though I love the romance genre, not all romances turn out to be perfect for me. Today I want to talk about some romances that didn't work for me, but also about two that shouldn't have worked for me but still did.

Man Candy - Melanie Harlow

This book sounded like a light-hearted, entertaining romance. I bought the story without reading an excerpt, this turned out to be a mistake. Because after a few pages of reading the story, I knew that it wouldn't work for me. The writing style was ok and enjoyable, however I wasn't interested in the characters, didn't care about their stories and the romance.

I decided to DNF this book around page 40.

Falling under + Coming back - Lauren Dane

Some of the erotic romances by Lauren Dane belong to my all time favourites, I can highly recommend the Brown Family series and the Federation series, so of course I'm interested in checking out other books by the author. I read "Opening up", the first book in the series, a while ago and while the book wasn't bad, it also wasn't as good and enjoyable as expected. I especially expected more from the romance. 

And now I finally read the other two books in the trilogy. And once again I was a bit underwhelmed by the romances. Most of the characters were likeable, the romances were nice, but once again something was missing to make me excited for me, to give me a great time.

I will read more books by Lauren Dane in the future, not her paranormal books, but more romances. And hopefully series like "Whiskey Sharp" will be back to being amazing. 

Dirty Filthy Rich Boys + Men - Laurelin Paige

Books by Laurelin Paige confuse me. Her characters are flawed in a way that shouldn't work for me. I should hate her male main characters, at times the word asshole is too nice to describe them. And still some of her books, for example the Fixed trilogy, are books I enjoyed reading. 

The first two parts in the Dirty Filthy series, prologue + book #1, are once again full of deeply flawed and messed up characters, not flawed in a cute way, rather in an at times disturbing way. At times even more messed up than the characters in the Fixed series, which says a lot. The story was overall too dramatic and the plot too constructed. And yet I still had a good time with the story and plan to read the final book in the series. 

The books are at times more dark romance than contemporary romance, especially at the beginning, so be warned. Reading the stories felt like entering a forbidden fantasy, I would never want what happened in the story for my own life, but as a fantasy the stories somehow worked for me. 

I think it's important to state that this series and the other books by Paige are for adults. Adults who are sure about who they are, who feel comfortable with their own personality and sexuality, who know that fantasies and what you want for your own, real life can be very different from each other. 

If you like messed up (seriously messed up) romances, then this series could be something for you. The books are for adults, the characters are deeply flawed and some things in the story might shock you. Make sure to read an excerpt of the stories and read some details about the plot before buying them. 

Beginner's Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions - Six de los Reyes

This book sounded like a charming, special and nerdy romance. Unfortunately the writing style, of course I once again forgot to read an excerpt, didn't work for me. I never got into a good reading flow and also struggled with the main characters. I didn't see their appeal, wasn't interested in learning more about them after meeting them for the first time and wasn't emotionally involved while reading.

I decided to DNF this book after page 50 or so, reading more of it didn't make any sense.

Happy Reading!

19 April 2017

The Hot Shot - Kristen Callihan (a beautiful sports romance, I love this series)

#4 in the Game on series
sports romance
I love the first three books in this series
so I preorderd this ebook
which I rarely do
and read it on its publication day
books 1+2 are new adult romances set in college
books 3 + ongoing are set after college
the male main characters are now NFL players (in books 1+2 they play college football)
to be honest I think that football
is one of the most boring sports I ever
and still I love the series
because Kristen Callihan makes me feel everything that is going on
she makes me believe in her characters
I can see them as real people
while reading her books
I'm constantly smiling
and have a damn good time
Chess and Finn's story
is everything I was hoping for and more
from annoyance to attraction to friendship to love
I loved their journey
loved how real their relationship felt
could understand their doubts and issues
loved how they managed to solve their problems
that both were willing to work on their relationship
ready to risk something for love
it's rare that all books in a series are nearly perfect for me
so the "Game on" series stands out
especially because the books keep getting stronger instead of weaker
I hope that there will be more books
some of Finn's team members need their own stories
I want to see them find the women and man they can love and trust
if you like romances
especially sports romances
then please give this series a chance
it's a wonderful and very entertaining one. 



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