25 June 2017

Stay - Sarina Bowen + Elle Kennedy (I was unsure about the book, but ended up loving it)

contemporary sports romance
because I struggled with the first book in this series
and two other books by Sarina Bowen before that
I was hesitant about reading "Stay"
especially because the male main character in this book
didn't appeal to me the first time I met him in "Good Boy"
but I still decided to buy and read "Stay" shortly after it was released
because some books by Sarina Bowen belong to my favourite romances
and I'm happy to report that I loved "Stay"
from the first pages on the story made me smile and laugh
right from the get go I was emotionally involved
and loved reading about Hailey and Matt
enjoyed how their romance developed
and that even at the ending there wasn't unnecessary drama
there were two conflicts
however each was solved within a few pages
which made me very happy
when I finished reading "Stay"
I was one very happy reader
and I'm already super excited to read the next book in this series
if you like sports romances or light-hearted romances in general
then this book might be perfect for you. 

24 June 2017

Marked in Flesh - Anne Bishop (I finally read the book and of course loved every page)

Marked in Flesh
#4 in the Others series
this is one of the only Urban Fantasy series I have read in the last years
that I love
that I want more of
I started with reading the series in paperback format
so I'm always a year behind with reading the books
but that's ok
I absolutely adore the first three books
and still was hesitant to finally read #4
because I don't want the series to end
and also feared that beloved characters would die
because the plot of "Marked in Flesh" sounded pretty grim
but now it was finally time to read the book and dive back into the world of Meg, Simon and the Others
once again it was very easy to reconnect with the world and characters
to feel as if I was part of this fascinating and at times cruel world
in which powerful special beings watch over what humans do on earth
Anne Bishop has developed a wondrous and complex world
that doesn't stop to fascinate me
it makes me think about out own world
and how we destroy it
because there isn't anyone who is keeping watch
someone who is so powerful
that humans will always lose in a fight
in "Marked in Flesh" the story of different places is told
at first I wasn't sure if that would work for me
but even though I had to switch between different places and characters constantly
it was never hard to follow the plot
and I always felt entertained
and was interested in all characters and what happened to them
of course I always loved coming back to Meg and Simon
this book gave me everything I wanted and more
I felt deeply while reading "Marked in Flesh"
mourned, laughed, felt connected
the book made me once again be in awe about what Anne Bishop created
and of course now I can't wait for the last book in this series
"Etched in Bone"
to be published in paperback format in 2018
I have to say that the plot makes me a bit nervous
and I hope that all of the characters I like will survive
and that the evil human will get what he deserves. 

23 June 2017

Megan Bakerville series - Petra Röder (German contemporary romance that didn't work for me)

Plötzlich verliebt ... verlobt ... verheiratet
contemporary romance
stories #1-3 in the Megan Bakerville trilogy
I'm always looking for German stories to read
because I honestly don't read enough books in my native language
the Megan Bakerville series sounded charming, entertaining and funny
so pretty much perfect for me
after reading it I have to say
that the three stories couldn't convince me
I struggled with the humour
many of the funny scenes didn't make me laugh
and I had issues with taking the female main character seriously
and the dramatic developments towards the end of each story
were just too much for my taste
so no, this German contemporary romance series didn't work for me.



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