19 January 2017

Giving magical realism another chance? "Caraval" by Stephanie Garber

Caraval by Stephanie Garber has been hyped by other book bloggers and booktubers quiet a bit in the past weeks. The book looks gorgeous and sounds interesting, so I can understand the hype.


The Graces - Laure Eve

#1 in the The Graces series
young adult thriller (?) with paranormal elements (witches)
another book I did not finish
before buying this book I checked out some reviews
they were very mixed
I read an excerpt
and enjoyed it 
so I bought a copy
but unfortunately the book didn't work for me in the long run
I couldn't connect with River
the main character
I pretty much didn't like her from the get go
it was clear to me that she was bad news
so the twist at the ending didn't surprise me that much
when I read a fiction book
I want to like the main characters
and also struggle with unreliable narrators
so this was an issue that was hard to ignore
while reading the book
I never forgot that it's just a story
even though I enjoyed the author's writing style
in general characters were missing some depth
and not everything made sense
after page 100 I started skipping pages here and there
I don't plan to go on with the series. 

The Goal - Elle Kennedy

Off-Campus #4
new adult, contemporary romance
I've said it before
this series is to me like watching a car accident
that is about to happen
I want to look away
but can't
I want to stop reading the series
but can't
because Elle Kennedy makes it easy to get lost in her stories
this time my before mentioned (for example here) issues with alcohol consumption
and sex while being drunk weren't big issues
but unfortunately everything else was
I did not like Sabrina
she got on my nerves from the get go
her unwillingness to accept help
was just too much
I also felt as if Tucker was always the one
who was working on making their relationship better
on making things happen
she didn't do a lot for their future
she made everything harder
too often
plus I couldn't believe in her feelings towards him
I didn't feel her love
not at all
I don't often have huge issues with female main characters in romances
but this time I did
from one Sabrina to another
get over yourself
accept help when offered
ask for help when you need it
and work on your relationship
this was once again not a perfect book for me
none of the books in the series have been so far
will I still be reading more books in the series?
please don't ask me why.

Even though I struggle with this series
I love the romances Elle Kennedy writes together with Sarina Bowen
Him + Us belong to my favourite sports romances.



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