24 July 2016

Moonshot - Alessandra Torre

contemporary romance with some mystery
a few weeks ago I discovered this book on a book blog
the synopsis sounded great and you know me
I like sports romances a lot
so of course I bought the book once it was published
unfortunately the plot turned out to be one I didn't enjoy
I like romances to be pretty straightforward
I don't like too many detours
especially not when other people are involved
that made it hard to enjoy this story
plus after the first scene with the male main character
I had a very hard time to like him
the way he acted at the beginning
was a big no go for me
the mystery was a bit too unrealistic and dramatic
plus it never felt as if it belonged to the rest of the story
so yes, this was another contemporary romance I expected to love
but didn't
I'm ok with it
I'm sure that one of the next romances I'm going to read
will be great for me. 
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No falling allowed - Melissa West

contemporary Southern romance
read as an ebook
they met
they spend the night together
and the next morning she woke up alone
weeks later they meet again
he wants a second chance
she doesn't 
I liked the sound of this book
and overall enjoyed reading this romance
but I didn't fell head over heels in love with it
I have to say that the Southern setting wasn't perfect for me
it rarely is
this was a nice romance
and I might read more by the author in the future. 
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Hitched Vol. Two - Kendall Ryan

#2 in the Hitched series
contemporary romance
read as an ebook
I haven't read #1 
it didn't appeal to me that much
#2 sounded more interesting
the story from the first book is continued in #2
so I read about the story before starting this book
this is a book that sounded way better than it actually was for me
I did not like most of the characters
especially the male main character
I thought that the plot was overly dramatic
I had to shake my head several times
the ending was just too much
I don't plan to read more books in this series. 
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