24 April 2017

Heartless - Marissa Meyer (the world of Alice in Wonderland is just not for me)

fantasy, stand-alone
I bought and read this book because I adore The Lunar Chronicles
it's one of my favourite series ever
I bought and read "Heartless"
even though I'm usually not a fan of stories surrounding "Alice in Wonderland"
because it's a world that doesn't fascinate me
that I don't enjoy reading about
but I decided to risk something and give the book a chance
"Heartless" is the story of the Queen of Hearts
before she became the Queen
when she was a normal girl
looking for love
it's a fascinating and tragic story
that made me sad
a story whose ending you know before reading the book
at least if you know the Queen of Hearts
from the Alice in Wonderland world
I'm usually not a fan of tragic stories without a happy ending
and that's exactly what made it hard for me
to have a great time with "Heartless"
as usual I loved Marissa Meyer's writing style
I love her imagination
the world she built was colourful and interesting
and still not perfect for me
I'm always looking for happy books
books that make me smile
so '"Heartless" was worth a try
but unfortunately not the kind of book I enjoy reading. 

What's next?
I still have to buy & read "Wires & Nerve" by Marissa Meyer
and of course her upcoming book/series
sounds great, so of course I plan to buy and read it. 


23 April 2017

Twist - Kylie Scott (another great contemporary romance, April is the month of love!)

contemporary romance
I read the first book in the series
last year
it was an ok to good book
after reading it I wasn't sure
if continuing with the series would make sense to me
but because I love Scott's Stage Dive series
I decided to read on
now that I read "Twist" (listened to, the audio version is a great one)
I'm so happy that I gave the book a chance
that I gave the series a second chance
because I loved "Twist"
beginning to end 
it's a romance after my own heart
likable, interesting characters I could believe in
a beautiful romance
that started as a friendship
nearly got destroyed by a lie
but then got a second chance
and even though I wanted to shake the male main character twice
I still liked him
there are also some hot scenes
plus a plot that worked without constant drama
and even the secondary characters were interesting
so yeah, I loved my reading experience 
and think I might go back to "Dirty"
because I want to give it a second chance
the next book in the Dive Bar series
will focus on my so far least favourite character
so I'm a bit hesitant about the story
but because "Twist" was so great for me
I definitely plan to go on with the series
if you like contemporary romances
then "Twist" might be just the book for you. 


20 April 2017

Sebastian - Anne Bishop (the world building brought me to my knees)

#1 in the The Landscape of Ephemera series
it's no secret that I love "The Courtyards of the Others" series by Anne Bishop
that's why I want to read some of her previous books as well
to start I choose "Sebastian"
I started reading this book over a month ago
it took me a long to to finish the story
not because it's a bad one
but rather because the world building was at times a bit baffling for me
it was hard to understand who was who
why a certain place was exactly the way it was
how everything fit together
I love Anne Bishop's complex world building in "The Others"
but while reading "Sebastian" I was more often than not confused by it
especially in the first chapters
later it got easier to understand the connections between all of the characters and settings
but it was never as easy as expected
the more I read of the book
the more I enjoyed it
"Sebastian" is not a book you can read on the go
you need some time and a calm mind to really understand what is going on
to build a good connection with the characters
even though at the end this turned out to be a good book for me
one I enjoyed reading
I still don't plan to continue with this series
because the world the series is set in is not my favourite
and I frankly don't need more of it right now.

If you like complex fantasy worlds
with a big cast of characters
and intense stories
then this series could be something for you.




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