10 October 2017

Chasing Christmas Eve - Jill Shalvis | A nice contemporary romance

#4 in the Heartbreaker Bay series
contemporary romance
so far I have read three books in this series
#1 - which I loved
#2 - which started out strong but then went on for too long
#2.5 - a novella that was ok
I wasn't completely sure what to expect from this book
however the plot appealed to me
so I got the ebook version and read it
and I'm very happy that I did it
because this was a nice romance
especially the first three quarters of it entertained me very well
I enjoyed reading about the main characters
loved the funny moments between them
and how they got closer
two things weren't perfect for me
the ending seemed a bit too drawn out
just like it happened with the second book in this series
50 pages or so less would have been better
at least for me
and at some point in the story
Colbie's family and Elle's behaviour (a friend of the hero) got on my nerves
I actually skipped Elle's book 
because I feared that she would be too exhausting
and after seeing her behaviour in this book
I don't plan to reconsider my decision
however I still had a very good time with "Chasing Christmas Eve" 
and plan to read more books in the series. 

Temporary - Sarina Bowen + Sarah Mayberry | a contemporary romance I struggled with

contemporary romance
this is the first romance Bowen and Mayberry have written together
I have read and enjoyed books by Sarina Bowen in the last years
the one book by Sarah Mayberry I read was ok
so I wasn't sure what to expect of "Temporary" 
would it amaze me?
or disappoint me?
after reading the book my feelings fall somewhere in-between these extremes
the book was ok for me
but unfortunately not something I want to rave about
that's something I already feared when reading the plot for the first time
something about it didn't appeal to me
while reading the story I never forgot
that this is just a story
the characters didn't feel like real people
and I struggled a bit with liking the male main character
at least the ending was nice
both the plot and the writing style were missing some flow
some finesse
and heart
I don't think that reading more of this author duo in the future
makes sense for me. 

09 October 2017

Cold Sight - Leslie A. Kelly | thrilling romantic suspense surrounding psychic detectives

romantic suspense
from time to time I like to read suspense books
especially romantic suspense
and if they include special mental abilities
then that's a plus for me
so going into "Cold Sight" I was hopeful
that the novel would be great for me
and it was
right from the get go the author managed to interest me 
in what was going on
the mystery is pretty dark
at times a bit too dark for my taste
but you have to remember that I'm pretty sensitive about these things
I enjoyed reading about the main characters
and how their relationship changed over time
this book made me excited to read more about the world Leslie A. Kelly created
the way she introduced the psychic abilities was great
while reading about them
I thought of them as being real
in my mind I could see people actually having these abilities
I plan to go on with the series
but will wait until I'm once again in the mood for a darker book
I can only read them here and there
otherwise I struggle with nightmares. 



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