06 February 2016

#23 in 2016: Throttled - Elizabeth Lee

read as an ebook
first book in a contemporary romance trilogy
fast paced
mostly light-hearted
a second chance romance
back in high school they were in love
then he left to follow his dreams
she stayed behind with a broken heart
now he is back
and wants a second chance
will she risk another broken heart?
second chance romances don't always work for me
this one did
ok, some issues were dealt with a bit too easily
I liked the main characters and their friends
was happy about the romance
I'm interested in the other two stories in this series
a good romance.

05 February 2016

#22 in 2016: Heller Brothers Hockey - Kelly Jamieson

five books in one
contemporary sports romances
the focus is on ice hockey players
on four brothers 
and the women they fall in love with
the romances were engaging
but something was missing to make them great
I liked most of the main characters
the stories felt at times a bit too constructed
but overall I had a good time
for fans of sports romances
this could be something good. 

#21 in 2016: Ryker - Sawyer Bennett

book #4 in a contemporary sports romance series
can be read as a stand-alone
a pretty typical sports romance
I liked that
ice hockey players are in the focus
a romance that maybe shouldn't be
how to handle a situation
that could backfire on her and him
a romance worth fighting for?
the characters were interesting
the romance nice
not everything was that believable 
but I had a good, not great, time with the book.