27 August 2016

Book haul: a little bit of everything

In the last weeks I bought some new print books and here they are.

Imprudence - Gail Carriger
The second book in a steampunk new adult series by Gail Carriger was a must buy for me. I enjoyed #1 in the series and I'm sure that #2 will once again take me on a crazy adventure. 

The Rook - Daniel O'Malley
Urban Fantasy, the MI5 for wizards is involved and someone is trying to kill our heroine, again. This first book in a trilogy (?) sounds strange and amazing. 

Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley
A graffiti artist + a girl fascinated by his work sound like a great basis for a good book. Btw, I love the author's website.

Born in Fire - Nora Roberts
I already own a copy of this book, but wanted to get the beautiful version with the rough cut pages. One of my all time favourite series by Nora Roberts, the Irish Born books rock. 

A collection of 15 short stories about badass heroines, sounds amazing. 

A thriller in which special abilities can land you in a cell. I don't know much more about the story and I'm excited to find out the rest while reading the book. 

Night Owls (UK title) - Jenn Bennett
They meet on the night bus and things develop from there, this story sounds emotional and special. Once again graffitis play an important role. And Jenn Bennett is another author with a great website. 

My preordered copy arrived a view days early and of course I already started reading the book. 

Happy Reading!
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A better man - Candis Terry

contemporary romance
#1 in the Sunshine Creek Vineyard series
a bit of a second chance romance
after years of concentrating on his NHL career
Jordan is finally back home
tragedy hit his family
and now they need to stand together
to manage the crisis
and he wants a second chance with Lucy
but will she dare to let him into her heart?
I liked the main characters
and their romance was nice
the rest of the Jordan's family was also likable and interesting
pretty much everything was nice
but nice wasn't enough in the long run
I wanted to be more excited
to feel more deeply
I'm not sure if I will go on with the series
the next books will be on other Kincade siblings. 
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Nice girls don't ride - Roni Loren

Nice girl's don't ride
sexy new adult romance
on her 21 birthday Natalie finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her
earlier her car broke down
and she met a young man
who looks a bit rough
but seems to have a good heart
and who promises her one wild night
but what will happen after their one night is over?
I had a lot of fun while reading the story
both main characters are kick ass
and I liked them a lot
their romance made me happy
when our hero said
"I'm a smartass, but I try not to be an asshole."
I was ready to celebrate
I want more heroes who think like that
one thing that baffled me about the book
is the ending
it came out of nowhere
I'm sitting at home
reading + enjoying the story
and bam, the epilogue all of a sudden starts
I expected to follow the two main characters on their road trip
but that didn't happen
50-80 more pages would have been great
the ending still worked for me
but I would have loved to read more about their time on the road
this was a good book
and it made me excited for more by the author
I already bought "Wanderlust"
and I'm excited to read it. 
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