25 July 2017

Persuading Austen - Brigid Coady (a modern version of "Persuasion" that didn't work for me)

contemporary romance
modern retelling of "Persuasion" by Jane Austen
I adore "Persusaion"
it's my favourite novel by Jane Austen

Trust - Kylie Scott (an emotional YA story with an exaggerated ending I struggled with)

young adult contemporary
stand alone
I love most of the adult romances Kylie Scott published in the last years
and because her first YA book sounded special and emotional
I decided to get and read it days after it was published
btw, I'm not the biggest fan of the cover
the darkness fits to what is going on in the book
the rest doesn't
as always Scott drew me into the story she created through her engaging writing style
plus something dramatic and shocking happens right at the beginning
there is definitely no slow build up in "Trust"
most of the book deals with the aftermath of what happened
with two teens trying to live with what they went through
trying to find ways to handle their emotions and stress
their relationship starts as a kind of friendship
over time their feelings change
which makes everything even more complicated
yet also very entertaining
this is not a YA book that wants to educate
it's all about the entertainment and that worked for me
I was prepared to rave about the story in my review
but then one major plot development towards the end of the book
made it hard for me to not feel overwhelmed and a bit frustrated
because once I realised that Kylie Scott was planning to add yet another shocking development to the story
I felt a certain distance develop between the characters and me
I no longer enjoyed everything that was going on
without the dramatic event at the ending
and the story line surrounding it
this YA book would have been way better for me
I still enjoyed the story and will definitely read more by the author in the future. 

21 July 2017

Wing Jones - Katherine Webber (I love Wing, she is a great YA heroine)

young adult contemporary
when I first heard about this book
I was immediately drawn to it
but then I read some details about the plot
and wasn't so sure anymore
because I feared that I could struggle with one major plot development 
and how it was handled
so I decided to delete the book from my wish list
but then I recently saw the book in a local bookstore
and decided to finally give the it a chance
and I'm happy that I did
because I had a great reading experience
I especially loved the author's writing style
and Wing, the main character of the story
she has such a special voice
that touched me deeply
the story focuses primarily on aspects of coming of age
about what happens when tragedy strikes your family
when all of a sudden your position in your family changes
there's also a little bit of romance
I loved seeing how
Wing grew as a person throughout the story
she stayed true to who she was 
but finally had the chance to show all aspects of her personality
I also enjoyed the balance between the emotional and lighter scenes 
however as much as I loved Wing
how she acted
how her struggles were described
how raw her thoughts were at times
not everything in the story was perfect for me
I thought that Wing's mother was underdeveloped
plus Wing's grandmothers got on my nerves a bit
it annoyed me that it took them over 15 years
to finally see the whole Wing
a Wing who was such a special, beautiful and strong person
btw, the plot development I was unsure about
a car accident and how the consequences of it were handled
actually worked for me quiet well
and even though not all aspects of Wings running career
were that believable
it all somehow worked for me
the ending of "Wings Jones" fit well to the story
however as a fan of epilogues
I would have loved to get one set a few months or even years in the future
plus the last pages seemed a bit rushed
but all in all I was quiet happy with "Wing Jones"
it's not a perfect book
however one that shines though its heroine
and I would definitely recommend "Wing Jones" to readers who enjoy emotional YA books. 




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