21 July 2017

Wing Jones - Katherine Webber (I love Wing, she is a great YA heroine)

young adult contemporary
when I first heard about this book
I was immediately drawn to it
but then I read some details about the plot
and wasn't so sure anymore
because I feared that I could struggle with one major plot development 
and how it was handled
so I decided to delete the book from my wish list
but then I recently saw the book in a local bookstore
and decided to finally give the it a chance
and I'm happy that I did
because I had a great reading experience
I especially loved the author's writing style
and Wing, the main character of the story
she has such a special voice
that touched me deeply
the story focuses primarily on aspects of coming of age
about what happens when tragedy strikes your family
when all of a sudden your position in your family changes
there's also a little bit of romance
I loved seeing how
Wing grew as a person throughout the story
she stayed true to who she was 
but finally had the chance to show all aspects of her personality
I also enjoyed the balance between the emotional and lighter scenes 
however as much as I loved Wing
how she acted
how her struggles were described
how raw her thoughts were at times
not everything in the story was perfect for me
I thought that Wing's mother was underdeveloped
plus Wing's grandmothers got on my nerves a bit
it annoyed me that it took them over 15 years
to finally see the whole Wing
a Wing who was such a special, beautiful and strong person
btw, the plot development I was unsure about
a car accident and how the consequences of it were handled
actually worked for me quiet well
and even though not all aspects of Wings running career
were that believable
it all somehow worked for me
the ending of "Wings Jones" fit well to the story
however as a fan of epilogues
I would have loved to get one set a few months or even years in the future
plus the last pages seemed a bit rushed
but all in all I was quiet happy with "Wing Jones"
it's not a perfect book
however one that shines though its heroine
and I would definitely recommend "Wing Jones" to readers who enjoy emotional YA books. 


16 July 2017

We are still tornadoes - Kun & Mullen (set in 1982 + told through letters)

new adult contemporary
set in 1982 in the months after high school
told through letters
I'm often torn about books told through letters, notes, emails and so on
sometimes they are great for me
sometimes I struggle with connecting to the characters
"We are still tornadoes" is somewhere in-between
from the get go I was interested in the two main characters
it was fascinating to see how their lives changed after high school
how their different parts looked like
that they still stayed close friends
how they struggled with it at times
I also think that the authors did a good job with transporting me back into 1982
especially the music that was mentioned helped with that
but there were also some things I struggled with
my connection to the main characters wasn't as deep as I was hoping for
the letters didn't transport enough emotions for my taste
and the romance wasn't one I was interested in
I actually don't think that the romance did make that much sense
so I had an ok reading experience with "We are still tornadoes"
if you are looking for a New Adult book set in the 80s
that is told through letters
then the book might be worth a try. 


15 July 2017

Contribute - Kristy Acevedo (gives this SciFi duology a good + emotional ending)

#2 in the The Holo duology
Young Adult + Science Fiction
back in November 2016 I read "Consider"
the first book in this YA scifi duology
the story fascinated me because of its special plot
and the strength of the main character
so I decided to read the second book as well
because I just needed to know what would happen with all of the characters
and earth
"Contribute" didn't disappoint
the story from "Consider" is continued in a way
that was pretty fascinating and at times heart-breaking
not everyone survived
not everyone came back
not all of the scifi elements worked for me perfectly
but that's because of what I like in books
and not because the author did a bad job
the story didn't answer all of my questions
at the end everyone still struggled with what happened
with what they had to do
with what they went through
and I actually appreciated that
because a perfect ending
wouldn't have fit to the world Acevedo created
compared to "Consider"
"Contribute" didn't touch me as deeply
however I still enjoyed the time I spent with the book
and especially the characters
I think that the story could be great for readers
who like the mix of young adult and science fiction
plus topics like anxiety added to the mix. 



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