25 October 2016

A tyranny of petticoats - various

a collection of 15 short stories
set in different places and time periods
a collection of diverse historical stories
with kick-ass heroines
and a great book design
sometimes I enjoy short stories
sometimes I don't
so buying this book was a bit of a gamble
for my taste all of the stories were way too short
even for short stories
just when the story started to get interesting
the story was over
plus only three of the stories really grabbed my interest
and fascinated me
the stories I enjoyed were by
they made me excited for my
they entertained me
but even those were a few pages too short
all in all this wasn't the best collection of short stories I have read
if you usually enjoy short stories
and like historical fiction
then it still might be worth a try. 
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P.S. I like you - Kasie West

young adult contemporary romance
what happens when you start exchanging letters with a person you don't know
when this person gets you in ways other don't
and then you find out that this person is not the one you expected?
a mostly cute and entertaining story
the plot was predictable
the identity of the mysterious letter writer wasn't a surprise
but that didn't bother me at all
I loved the beginning and middle part
loved reading about school and home life
but also enjoyed the more serious moments
the ending was not as good as the rest
something was missing to make me think wow
still a good book
that I enjoyed
and if you like cute YA romances
then this book could be great for you. 

The next YA romance by Kasie West
also sounds great
so I plan to read it. 
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New books: Preorders and wish list books

These are my new print books, some were preorders, others I had on my wish list(s) for some time and I finally bought them.

The books
Sleeping Giants - Sylvain Neuvel
Mysterious signs, a weird artifact made of metal and a heroine who is trying to find out what it means. Sounds interesting and it's going to be a nice change to the other books I'm reading. 

Aerie - Maria Dahvana Headly
Part 2 in the Magonia duology, Part 1 was great (first contemporary, then fantasy, special bird-like beings, singing, fights for power and more) and now I'm hoping for a great ending in this special series.  

Gemina - Kaufmann + Kristoff
Another second book in a series that started out strong, written in a lot of different text formats, set in space with all kinds of crazy things going on. 

Passenger - Alexandra Bracken
Time-travelling and mixed reviews, that's what I know so far about the story. 

Signs of you - Emily France
A group of teens who all lost someone important in their lifes. Sightings of those who died, mysteries things are going on and a bit of SciFi. Sounds great.

Holding the Dream - Nora Roberts
I love the book and finally got a pretty version with rough-cut pages of it (by Berkley).

These vicious masks - Zekas + Shanker
Jane Austen meets superpowers meets young adult. The excerpt I read of the book was great, so now I'm excited for the rest.

Wanderlost - Jen Malone
A YA romance that is supposed to be perfect for fans of books by Stephanie Perkins. Need I say more?

The Graces - Laure Eve
YA, magic and a ton of very mixed reviews, some readers loved the book, others didn't at all. I liked the excerpt I read, so I bought the book. 

Dragons, the woman who studies them, a historical setting plus a very charming writing style, of course I had to have this book.

Happy Reading!
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