21 March 2017

The one thing - Marci Lyn Curtis (a YA book that should come with a warning: tissues are recommended)

young adult contemporary
a few months ago an illness lead to Maggie being blind
it's hard for her to deal with all the changes in her life
destroyed dreams
constant frustration
so much new to learn
not knowing what to do with the future
how to make new plans
how to accept that life has changed completely
that there's no way back
but then all of a sudden she starts to see this one boy
and Maggie is wondering
what the hell is going on
is she hallucinating
or is there a chance that her eyesight is coming back?
when talking about this book in my book haul
I mentioned being worried about something bad happening to one of the main characters
turns out that my feelings were on the right track
in the last third of the book I had to cry several times
but the author was kind enough to give us readers
a beautiful happy ending
an ending that maybe was a bit too perfect
even for my taste
that felt a bit rushed
and the explanation to Maggie being able to see again (at times)
wasn't one that made a lot of sense
at least not for me
but that didn't bother me that much
overall I had a great time with the book
was always excited to read on
to find out what would happen next
I loved accompanying Maggie on her way back to life
was excited when she made another important step
when she decided to stop being passive
and started to actively work on her future
I would definitely recommend "The one thing" to other readers
and I'm excited to find out what the author will publish next. 

20 March 2017

Resistance is futile - Jenny T. Colgan (I'm not sure what to think about this book)

a wild mix of chick-lit and science fiction
a group of mathematicians is thrown together
to solve a mathematical problem
that they don't know any details about
why is it so important?
this book took me on a crazy ride
which was at times funny and weird in a positive way
and at times just weird
some developments were fascinating
others didn't work for me
for example the ending
the group of mathematicians was an interesting one
but unfortunately I couldn't connect to the characters
I never felt close to them
and that's why the developing relationships didn't manage to touch my heart
I knew before reading this book
that picking it up was a bit of a gamble
and even though the book wasn't perfect for me
I still don't regret giving it a chance. 


19 March 2017

Undeclared - Julianna Keyes (a New Adult book I enjoyed)

Burnham College #2
a few months ago I read "Undecided"
the first book in this series
I had a good time with the story
so of course I was excited for the second book
and I'm happy to say that I also had a good time with "Undeclared"
even though compared to "Undecided"
the story was maybe a bit weaker
my reading flow was not as perfect
but once again I liked all of the characters
and the plot
I enjoyed how the romance and the characters developed
even though the romance could have been a bit stronger
I especially enjoyed how Kellan changed throughout the story
how he finally made decisions
that were important for his future
I also enjoyed that the story wasn't as dramatic
as some other NA books 
will this book stay in my hearts and thoughts forever?
I don't think so
but I had a good time reading the story
even though it wasn't without flaws
but that was ok for me
because Julianna Keyes
 writes her stories in a way
that gives me a lot of entertainment while reading
and of course I like that.  



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