24 August 2017

The lost & found - Katrina Leno (a good YA contemporary even though the plot wasn't perfect for me)

young adult contemporary
after a little break from reading fiction print books
I'm finally back in the game
and I'm so happy about it!
"The lost & found" is a book
I was super excited about
because the story sounded great and special
the story follows two teens
who went through traumatic events a few years ago
they have been mailing each other for some time now
but have never met
both still struggle with what happened to them
and with the present state of their families
and both tend to lose little things
they just disappear 
and there's no logical explanation for it
the story follows them in a stressful time of their lives
a time in which they get closer
and finally meet
a time in which many things change
and both have to be brave to handle what is going on
my feelings about this book are a bit conflicting
I enjoyed reading about all of the characters
the author's writing style made it easy for me to have a good time
and to feel connected to what was going on
however some of the developments in the story just didn't work for me
I couldn't believe in them
and I was waiting for getting an explanation on the things that disappeared
but never got one
all in all I still had a good time with the book
and I'm happy that I picked it as the book to get back into reading print books. 


23 August 2017

Illegal Contact - Santino Hassell (sometimes it just doesn't fit)

male/male sports romance
this is the third book I read by the author
the first two were part of his Cyberlove series
Hassell's books always sound perfect for me
and even though the first two books I read by him were just ok for me
I decided to give his new book a chance
you know that I love sports romances
so "Illegal Contact" was a must for me
sadly I feel the same about reading this book
as I felt about his other ones
everything was ok
somewhat entertaining and nice
however I didn't feel connected to the story and the characters
little things annoyed me
and the romance didn't touch my heart
it's time to accept that Hassell's book sound perfect for me
but aren't. 

Books as guilty pleasures: I still don't like the term but finally understand it

In the middle of July weird things were going on in my reading life. My head was full of many things not related to books and I was looking for some light and easy distraction. I then discovered a book by Lani Lynn Vale, read it, was entertained by it because her writing style made it easy for me to feel connected and that's why I decided to read more books by her. So far, so good. 

However even though I read several of the author's books, I wouldn't recommend them to you. The stories were at times full of holes and erratic. The plots often overly dramatic and unbelievable. Plus things like slut-shaming happened in some way in nearly every book.

Even though I'm usually not a fan of the term guilty pleasures, it somewhat describes my reading experience with the books by Vale. The word might not describe my emotions on reading the books exactly, but it comes close.

The books gave me something I needed at that point, so I'm glad that I read them. On the other hand I feel a bit conflicted about supporting stories that go against some things that are important to me. I mostly read books because I want to be entertained by them and let's be honest, sometimes I'm entertained by mediocre things. I'm ok with that. And I still don't feel guilty because of it. 



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