18 February 2017

The Chemist - Stephenie Meyer (mixed feelings)

The Chemist
romantic suspense
years ago I read the Twilight series and The Host
to this day "The Host" remains on my book shelves
because I love the book
so I decided to give Meyer's new book a chance
even though the plot
ex-agents on the run and their fight to stay alive
is one I usually don't go for
in the end "The Chemist" managed to entertain me
however the book came with a plot that should have been better
that needed to be tightened up through a good editing process
there were too many plot holes
too many moments when I had to shake my head
and the characters were missing some depth
overall I still had a good time with the story
because I didn't take things too seriously
and liked reading about most of the characters
if you are looking for a cunning suspense book
then this is not the book for you
if you are looking for an easy to read romantic suspense novel
then "The Chemist" might work for you.

17 February 2017

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo (the Grisha world and I just don't fit together)

Six of Crows
first book in the Six of Crows duology
set in the world of the Grisha trilogy
I read the first two books in that trilogy some time ago
I enjoyed the first book
however was no longer interested in the Grisha world when reading book #2
now I wanted to give the Grisha world a second chance
many readers adore the Six of Crows duology
I also wanted to be amazed by Leigh Bardugo's wolrd
but unfortunately that didn't happen
I like Bardugo's writing style
however her Grisha world just doesn't manage to fascinate me in the long run
some scenes and aspects of the story here and there
were interesting and made me excited for more
but way too many other scenes just didn't manage to grab my interest
and I didn't care about the characters
not one of them
I know that other readers loved reading about them
but I couldn't connect to them
so after reading the first 100 pages
I started to skip some pages here and there
and once I reached the last page
I knew that reading the second book in the duology
wouldn't make any sense to me
I might give another book/series by Leigh Bardugo a try in the future
as long as it isn't set in the Grisha world. 

15 February 2017

The unicorn's tale - R.L. LaFevers (a middle grade adventure with beautiful illustrations)

The unicorn's tale
fantasy (middle grade)
#4 in the Nathaniel Flood, Beastologist series
so far the last book in the series
even though the book didn't give the series a real ending
from time to time I like to read books written for children
and when I saw "The unicorn's tale"
I knew that I needed to give it a try
because unicorns are the best
the book is beautifully illustrated
and after reading it
I can say that starting with the first book in the series would have been smarter
because I was missing some important background information
relatively short chapters
a clear language
and a writing style with a nice flow
made reading this novel easy
and should be ideal for younger readers
text and illustrations fit together perfetcly
the book took me on a nice adventure
one I enjoyed going on
but didn't love
something was missing to make me believe in the world of Nathaniel Fludd
and all the special creatures
that he meets
however I think young readers will enjoy this series
the first book is
"Flight of the Phoenix".




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